Your Questions About Spyware Removal Tools

Posted by softwareguru on January 30, 2013

Joseph asks…

Which spyware removal tools are compatible with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010?

I’m running Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and would like to have an additional spyware scanner/removal tool on the side. Can anyone recommend one that is compatible?

softwareguru answers:

Spybot S&D is the best Antispyware consistently has been doing a tremendously fantabulous job of keeping computer spyware free…Spybot S&D can prove to be really beneficial to fix remove the unwanted spyware.

Susan asks…

How do I do a malware scan on a computer where I can’t get the NIC to get an IP address?

I can take the HDD out and put it on the secondary IDE and run a virus scan, but hijack this and most other spyware removal tools seem to want to be ‘updated’ from the boot drive.
Any tips?
Most software only wants to check the boot drive.

softwareguru answers:

Press F8 repeatedly while the computers running, start in SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING download/install whatever, run it
live hapily ever after

(I’d go with adaware or spybot S&D)

Don’t forget to update definitions before you restart into real mode. Also, run it once in safemode.

David asks…

About my computer having spyware And to remove it?

Hey guys i am having spyware in my remove this i have downloaded many spyware removal tools.But most of them are not free.Can anyone tell me which is the best Spyware removal tool?

softwareguru answers:

You are infected with spyware if:

* You see too much pop-up advertisements.
* Your browser has toolbars that you haven’t installed.
* Your homepage has changed (and you can’t change it back).
* Other settings have changed without your permission.
* Your computer is slow.

To get rid of spyware and keep your computer clean you can use an antispyware or even more.
You can download a antispyware software. There are 10 good anti-spywares.
Here is the reviews:

You can download one and scan your system.
All are safe and can be trusted.

Paul asks…

How can I disinfect my computer system?

On my desktop screen it says that my system is infected. The screen is green and there is a black box that says “Your system is infected!” in big, red letters. It also says that my “system has been stopped due to a serious malfunction and that spyware activity has been detected. It is recommended to use spyware removal tool to prevent data loss.” I don’t what to do. I’ve tried everything that I know but nothing works. Could anyone help me? Thank you!

softwareguru answers:

Reinstall windows and start afresh.

Sharon asks…

How do you uninstall System Security?

Our desktop was infected and a System Security warning popped up. My mom bought the “software” and now I have to uninstall it seeing as it is a fake spyware removal tool.

softwareguru answers:

Here’re some links to read about:

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