Your Questions About Spyware Removal Tools

Posted by softwareguru on September 2, 2014

Mark asks…

Who offers the most effective, free malware, adware, spyware, and virus removal and blocking tools?

I am only interetsed in free removal tools or highly recommended paid tools, preferably free.

softwareguru answers:

Lavasoft AdAware 2007 Free is amazing – if you can live without the realtime protection (which you don’t need if you’re willing to scan daily). Spybot S&D has always had a huge database and a nice set of power tools to use.

AVG can be considered one of the top Anti-Virus software out there. Zonealarm FREE can also block most spyware from coming in (even though the spyware scanner feature isn’t included in the free version).

HijackThis does a great scan on system “anomalies” but is designed for power users.

Donald asks…

Spyware Removal Tool Or Software?

Anyone know where I can Get some spyware removal software? I’d like to scan my computer for spyware, but not sure which to use

softwareguru answers:

The site below is one that can help you find and eliminate spware. It is honestly the best i’ve ever found. It is also the fastest. (1) Go to the link below and download it (It’s FREE!): (2) Scan your computer (3) Eliminate any spyware you find. It’s that easy, and highly reliable. This is the only one I use now and I highly recommend it. Trust me it does work.

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