Your Questions About Spyware Removal Tools

Posted by softwareguru on August 10, 2014

George asks…

What is the best Spyware/Adware removal tool??

Free versions preferred!

softwareguru answers:

The top free ones are spyware terminator, spybot and ad aware though the latter doesn’t have a real time protection facility only detection and removal.

Super antispyware is also gaining respect.

Charles asks…


where can i find the spy ware doctor removal tool?
i want to uninstall it and reinstall it

i cant run it
or uninstall it from add/remove programs

plz post the download link for the uninstaller

i didn’t find it at major geeks

softwareguru answers:

You are infected with spyware if:

* You see too much pop-up advertisements.
* Your browser has toolbars that you haven’t installed.
* Your homepage has changed (and you can’t change it back).
* Other settings have changed without your permission.
* Your computer is slow.

To get rid of spyware and keep your computer clean you can use an antispyware or even more.
You can download a antispyware software. There are 10 good anti-spywares.
Here is the reviews:

You can download one and scan your system.
All are safe and can be trusted.

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