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Posted by softwareguru on July 27, 2014

Sharon asks…

How to make Spyware Guard 2008 stop blocking removal tools?!?

I’ve been trying for hours to get rid of Spyware Guard 2008. I’ve tried suggestions given here. But somehow Spyware Guard 2008 is blocking the removal tools from being downloaded. Or in the case of Spyware Doctor, the inital download is allowed but then the required database download is blocked.

How do I unblock the removal tools from being downloaded?

BTW, please don’t answer with boilerplate about what Spyware Guard 2008 is. I know what it is.



softwareguru answers:

To remove Spyware Guard 2008

Use the Norman Malware Cleaner
You should now be able to download and update malware removal tools
You could also try downloading and updating in Safe Mode with Networking(press f8 rapidly while booting and select safe mode with networking)

Download, update and run
Malwarebytes AntiMalware
Note: In SuperAntiSpyware if you go to preferences then repairs you can fix malware related issues

Scan in Safe Mode(without networking)

Richard asks…

i keep getting the same spyware/adware on my computer dispite the removal tools?

I keep running spyware/adware removal, it detects it also i have liveonecare which is suppose to detect and remove virus’s, i have followed all the instructions yet its still there, it has changed my homepage and disabled internet options tab, overrides the popup blocker, has even allowed porn to be sent to my hotmail account, i have uninstalled an reinstalled, also restarted after removal nothing is working 🙁
the name is virtuemond, it even stops me from using this site, properly, freezes the screen have had to restart the computer 5x…going to try it on safe mode so i can do the other steps, ty guys wish me luck,

softwareguru answers:

Read entirely first, print (if you want to be safe), and then go over it step by step.

Ok, you seem to have a very persistent problem that requires some heavy duty action! First of all get a better and safer web browser, get Firefox:
You HAVE TO download and install Firefox, for you to even start dreaming about some sort of recovery. When you start Firefox, make it your default web browser, and import only your favorites from internet explorer(NOTHING more).

Now go to C:Documents and Settings*yourusername*Local Settings using My Computer. You will have to close any program you have open right now. Open “temp” and delete everything your computer will let you delete (sometimes a file in this folder is being used by a program that is open, and you won’t be able to delete it, so delete everything except the few files you can’t delete). Now we are going to go up one folder, back to C:Documents and Settings*yourusername*Local Settings and open “Temporary Internet Files”, we are going to do the same thing we did in the Temp folder, we delete everything we possibly can. To end the entire procedure, empty the recycle bin(NOTE. It can be that you were not able to delete any more files beacause the recycle bin was full, so in that case you will havew to empty it more than once). Temporary folders on your computer should be just that TEMPORARY, but windows decides to keep them for life if you don’t clean it up once in a while.

Now download Spybot:
Now Download Adaware:
And also get a good anti-virus system, AVG:

Now before we start installing or scanning our computer we want to get rid of “System restore”, because that is a place where a lot of malicious software hides. To disable or re-enable it follow these steps: Go to START, right click on my computer, click on properties, go to “System restore”, and check the first checkbox you get, the “turn off system restore on all drives” one, then click “apply”, and then click “OK”.
Now we are going to install our virus killing machines!
Start by installing Spybot. The only major thing during the Spybot installation process, is that you want to enable “Tea Timer”(it protects your registry, if you know what that is).
After the Installation you’ll be asked if you want to “make a registry backup”, if you can, try to skip it and go on to the next step.

Now install Adaware. (Just click next, next, accept, next, etc.)

Before you install AVG however, uninstall “Liveonecare”. Two different Antivirus systems usually don’t get along well. Restart your computer and then Install AVG. After the installation is complete, scan your computer with each of the tools I gave you. After the “full system scan” in Adaware is complete check all the threats found and “quarantine” them. After the Spybot scan is complete check all the Found items and “fix the selected items”. Avg does everything automatically.

(NOTE. AVG scans your computer daily, which is not neseccary at all. To disable the daily scans: double click on the avg icon on the desktop, go to scheduler, double click on “test plan in basic mode”, and uncheck the “periodically start scheduled antivirus test”, then click “OK”)

If the problems on your computer still persist, I recommend you get AVG Anti rootkit:

This is yet a notch higher, and should only be used if the previous programs did not get rid of the problem. Install it, tell the program you are a pro and know what you are doing, and do a full system scan, and get rid of whatever it finds.

If even this did not do the job, you will have no other option other than to totally reinstall windows!

If all goes well you will not have to go through the last 2 steps.

Your E-mail is game over, you can’t do anything to stop receiving spam, other than to change E-mail address.

If you are a bit confused in Firefox, keep this in mind, the only thing that changes are the icons and the names, your favorites become bookmarks.

Don’t see a particular icon- go to view, toolbars, customize, and drag the icon you like onto your toolbar.

You want Yahoo toolbar or other plugins?
Go to: Tools, add-ons, Get extensions(lower-right corner), and look for what you want. A must get extension is “Adblock plus” it will let you browse the internet with NO advertisements at all, that means faster internet, and less junk!

And finally lets change your homepage. Go to: Tools, options, and change your homepage to whatever you would like(You can copy and paste)!

Feel free to ask some more questions, or to voice your doubts.

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