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Posted by softwareguru on September 1, 2014

Mary asks…

Is it safe to have two Spyware removal softwares?

I have McAfee installed on my PC and I just recently bought the professional version of SuperAntiSpywarePro. I haven’t installed it yet, but I wanna know if its safe? they’re not gonna start detecting each other or anything like that?

softwareguru answers:

If Your McAfee is an Anti Spyware and not an Anti Virus, there isn’t a problem either way really.

If you have two Anti Spywares just make sure that only one is running at a time, this will keep them from getting into each others way, It is actually better to have a couple Anti Spywares because each is better at detecting certain things than others.

Only Have 1 anti Virus installed and running at all times.

Helen asks…

Anti-Spyware Removal?

My computer (Acer) got infected with Win 7 Anti-Spyware 2011 and i need to find out how to get rid of it. It would be easy to do except it won’t let me access my internet explorer and i can’t download the removal software. Help!
How do i remove it manually?

softwareguru answers:

Below is a link to a guide from the Bleeping Computer website which explains how to remove both the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Antispyware 2011 virus.


Also, in order to prevent your computer from getting infected with a virus or other malicious files or programs in the future, I would suggest that you run frequent antivirus scans, as well as frequent antispyware or antimalware scans.

If you need a free antivirus program, I would recommend that you try using Microsoft Security Essentials, which can be downloaded from the link below.


If you need a free antispyware program, perhaps you should try using MalwareBytes, which can be downloaded from the link below.


In addition, perhaps you should try using Mozilla FireFox, which is a free browser that is safer than Internet Explorer and can also be customized with a variety of free add-ons and themes. If you would like to try using Mozilla FireFox, you can download it from the link below.


If you are unable to access the Internet due to a computer virus or other malicious file or program, I would suggest that you try booting your computer into Safe Mode with Networking by pressing F8 while your computer is booting up and then try to run any programs or scans again.

Good luck and I hope I helped you!

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