Your Questions About Spyware Removal Software

Posted by softwareguru on August 19, 2014

Paul asks…

Spyware Software?

Does anyone know of good spyware software?, because I’ve been getting warnings that my computer is infected with spyware

softwareguru answers:

To remove spyware,there are many solutions exist, all of them with their own strengths and weaknesses.So which anti-spyware is the most suited for your system? You can find out by reading in-depth reviews and comparisons of TOP 5 anti-spywares… Some really great tips and links to Spyware removal programs.
Top 5 anti-spywares reviews,comparisons and download links on
You can download and scan your computer for free.

Good luck!

James asks…

Can someone send me the links to get AVG,spyware removal and P2P download software?

Please send me the above links i asked 4. thanx a lot

softwareguru answers:

I use all of the following Free software with Windows XP SP2 and Internet Explorer with MSN toolbar and the pop-up blocker turned on and have never had a single problem with my computer sense Microsoft came out with SP2. (knock on wood.) (And be sure to keep Windows and the following software Updated)

The best Anti-virus is: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. (

The Best Spyware defense is: SpyBot Search and Destroy (
And here…

CNET these 10 programs comprise the best free security software

FOR P2P I recomment the following instead.
And search Google for Many sites to connect to files.

I do not recommend using Limewire or Kazza or P2P programs because they ALWAYS contain spyware / adware and I have repaired many computers because of the other programs they download in the background with out your knowledge. It’s like opening a floodgate and they eventually clog your computer until it’s useless.

I use bit torrent.

The speed is determined by not just you but the other users. They might have a slower speed, or there could be heavy traffic (your end or theirs) slowing it down.
Some times other users sending you files log off and your stuck waiting till the next day when they log on again.
There are so many possibilities.

I have had a few 700MB movies take over a Week to get it all, and some never finish because when the other person is done they stop sharing.

Hope this helps, and remember to share at least 200% or for one week which ever comes first to help others.

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