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Posted by softwareguru on July 17, 2014

James asks…

how will you rate microsoft security essentials and comodo firewall ?

please answer only if you have used them . Dont copy paste a review. thanks.

softwareguru answers:

Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the best (if not the best) anti-virus programs out there.
Out of 10, I would rate it 8.5 out of 10 because it takes up little space, real time scanning and protection, system restoration point options, security configuration, and Security Definition Updates. Not to mention the fact it also scans removable hard drives too and detects spyware, malware, corrupt files, trojans, worms, keyloggers, and potentially unwanted spyware. It also has an option where you can send dangerous unknown files to Microsoft for them to check out. The bad thing is that M.S. Essentials does not have Site Advisor, instant update of system attack or virus removal (unless from removable hard drive), and takes some time to identify unknown malware unlike other programs’ online assistance on their website.

But for the record, i had the Conficker E (Win.32) Worm for over a year now. McAfee and Malwarebytes did not even pick it up but M.S.E. Did.

Mark asks…

Is there a free way to erase the Koobface worm?

I unknowingly opened a video which contain the virus and it keeps sending the link to my facebook friends over and over again. I have changed my password, deleted my cookies and run my McAfee and Ad-Aware Anniversary addtition multiple times. I have only had the computer for 3 weeks and this worm has changed 3 things in my registry. I have even deleted my cookies from my desktop.

Is there a free program to get rid of this worm. Or will I have to pay for the spyware doctor

please help

softwareguru answers:

The Koobface worm is a very complex trojan designed by cyber-criminals to collect your confidential information and hold your system for ransom.

Do not pay them for removal. Doing so will make your poorer and may actually increase your problems. It is a scam that relies on newbies and panicky victims.

Microsoft has a malicious software removal tool that it says removes the Koobface worm.

It can be downloaded here…


A list of what malware it removes and other important information is here:

Once you have removed the virus, you can download Microsoft’s new, Free Security software MS Security Essentials.

Get more info about it and view a video review at:

It works on all Windows PCs from XP up to the new Windows 7 and is simple and effective.

I guess it goes without saying that you should always be careful about what site you are visiting and make sure that you don’t just casually click on anything to download it.Be careful about what information you create online at social sites like Facebook. Lastly, NEVER rely solely on ANY security software to fully protect your system. Be aware and be cautious.

Hope it works out for you.

BTW, if worse comes to worse, just re-install the operating system. It will wipe out all your programs and data, but you will have an “As New” system that you can re-install everything on again.

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