Your Questions About Spyware Removal Freeware

Posted by softwareguru on September 11, 2014

Laura asks…

Where can i get “Free”spyware removal & “Free”Antivirus software?

I have Windows XP I Have Verizon Fios and I have verizon security Suite for protection S@X.I have had my computer since november 2005 so it 4&1/2 years old its a Dell Dimension 1100/B110
Desktop.*****Even Though i have Verizon security suite can i add these free programs for extra protection?******Im confused so great personal experience and explanations would be great and linx.Thank you

softwareguru answers:

You can only have one antivirus program, but you can have more than one antispyware program.

I use Avast Home Edition as antivirus program and I have Super Anti Spyware and Malwarebytes antispyware.
All are freeware editions

Sharon asks…

How do I prevent spyware?

Not cure it, how do I prevent it at the first place?

softwareguru answers:

Download, install, update and run SpyCatcher Express – free spyware removal software =

Spybot-S&D = = = Be sure to use the immunize feature, and as with everything else, keep it updated.

And Ad-aware = +

shut down your pc and then restart it in SAFE MODE if possible =
and then run the scan(s) and follow directions for healing any/all infections found, then Disable system restore = , then shut down your pc, and then restart your pc, and then re-enable system restore.

Ewido security suite = = = ” free 14-day test version.”


+ Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Follow the links)=

SpywareBlaster/SpywareGuard – Freeware =
AnalogX Script Defender =

To make sure you are not getting a spoofed webpage, Right-click desktop/properties/display properties/appeareance/color scheme/olive green/apply/ok/ok

+ =

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