Your Questions About Spyware Removal Freeware

Posted by softwareguru on September 10, 2014

Robert asks…

best pc security freeware?

softwareguru answers:

Spyware/Adware removal:
Ad-Aware 2007 Free
General cleanup remove cookies and more:
Pc Tools Firewall Plus
All free.
Available @ my blog.

So many companies trying to make money by selling you products to keep your computer safe and clean, all of which are freely available.

Hope this helps.

Maria asks…

Nero CD-burning problem… Spyware problem…?

I recently had some spyware invade my computer, when i downloaded a certain toolbar. I somehow managed to delete it by Spybot-S&D. But it keeps recurring evrytime i run a check. Is there any way 2 delete it permanently? Or will i hav to restore my system.
Also, a 2nd problem is that whenever i burn a data of more than, let’s see, abt. 150mb, then the burning always fails. Some message like EndTrack Failed comes at the end of burning, or the burning fails entirely. Kindly suggest what i should do… Thank you.
Can i rid my computer of the spyware fully?? Also, how do i find out which file is it that contains the spyware n keeps dwnloading the new ones?? All programs i dwnloaded don’t remove the spyware, just detect it. Where can i get a software to REMOVE the spyware?? Kindly help.

softwareguru answers:

The spyware may have come from a freeware download and if this is the case, You will need to uninstall that software too becuse it will simply reload the spyware. You might also have to open the registry to manually remove entries. If you know what the spyware is, just type it into your searchbox followed by removal and you should see a bunch of pages that will tell you what to delete. As far as your burning problem, I could only guess, could be bargain basement blanks, could be the burner itself!

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