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Posted by softwareguru on September 3, 2014

William asks…

Does anyone know a free spyware removal website. not one that is a free download and scan but free removal?

I had one on my laptop that’s now dead so I can’t look at it and remember what site it was. please help!! I’m not paying when I know their are free ones

softwareguru answers:

Parasite Invasion & System Hostage counter measures are unfortunately not a “1 Step-10 second-fix” everyone wants.

Try malwarebytes to clean up your system:
SpywareBlaster for system wide, realtime protection:

Wave after wave of money hungry advertising schemes are sweeping the entire internet.
Don’t let the battalions of external parasites into your system in the first place by taking an active defense posture to stop these guys @ your ‘doorstep’ and keep ’em out. These steps will help, but methods (vectors) constantly change.
INTERNET EXPLORER: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced:
here check ‘Override automatic….’; ‘Allow session cookies’; ‘Allow 1st party cookies’ & ‘Block 3rd Party Cookies’.
FIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy: Check ‘Accept Cookies from sites’
& Un-Check ‘Accept 3rd Party cookies’
Firefox add-on’s
>> “NoScript” for Firefox will stop a lot of these adware/spyware & hijackers; and is the single most important thing you can do to prevent malware < tick ‘forbid ——-‘ &/or mark as ‘untrusted’.
(Ticking all may reduce interactive behavior; enable just enough to get what’s necessary to view the page)
Rouge malware and server based spyware are becoming indisitnguishable & may cause multiple symptoms on your system.
This spy/adware, records your clickstream & builds a profile of you with advertising conglomerate jackals.
Requires “Opt Out” and requires EVERY browser on EVERY machine be done…
Google here:
Yahoo here:
NAI garbage here:
DoubleClick poison here:
(List of 64 Yahoo! Co-conspirator advertisers they inflict on users are listed here:

When installing ANY new application, check the EULA for ‘Toolbars’ and/or other crud they try to slip past ya’.

**Astonishing new development**
Get this: the ‘New’ Yahoo, by default, allows your “Yahoo! Contacts (or Addresses)” computers, to send to whatever 3rd party software they have on THEIR computer, information about you! Can you believe that!!?
This is something you must terminate ASAP.

Go to your Yahoo! Mail: near the “Welcome (your name)”, tick the ‘Profile’ link; next page, upper right corner, tick ‘Settings’; next page, near the bottom is the box to uncheck.
And the deterioration of trust with Yahoo! Grows…it’s pathetic.

Good luck. 🙂

Sharon asks…

Recommended (not free) Spyware, Adware, Porn removal.?

Ok, I have used the freeware but they are just not complete. I need a recommendation for a Spyware, Adware, Porn removal program. I know I will get the smart remarks. Go on get it off your chest. I was surfing the web looking for hairstyle and I got all this Porn popping up on my computer. I have an 11 year old and do not need this crap on my computer! HELP!!!
All you guys are AWESOME…thanks for your input.

softwareguru answers:

These programs will probably remove everything that the website put on your computer. It is a good idea to run more than one, but at the very least, you should run SuperAntiSpyware. Avira AntiVir is also a good one. I don’t know why you said (not free), because free programs are often just as effective as ones you buy.

I have had good experience with this program. It removed a virus that no other program could. It has a free version that has all the features you need.


Ad Aware 2008 Free:
This is a completely free program that is easy to use. It will remove most spyware and adware.


Spybot – Search & Destroy:
Another good option that removes most malware. If you run Ad Aware it is a good idea to run this to (and vise-versa)

Avira AntiVir:
Avira Antivir has the highest detection ratio of all free antivirus programs.


Avast! Home Edition:
Another good free antivirus program.


AVG Ant-Virus Free Edition:
Easy to use free antivirus.


To keep this from happening again, there are a few things you can do. You can install the browser plugins Adblock Plus (Firefox) and Adblock Pro (Internet Explorer). They are very effective and easy to set up ad blocking options. You should also install antivirus programs to monitor your computer for viruses and stop them before they become a problem. Avast! And Threatfire are two programs that do this without slowing down your computer.

Threatfire is intended to be used in addition to another antivirus program.

Adblock Plus:

Adblock Pro:


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