Your Questions About Spyware Removal Freeware

Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

Laura asks…

What is the most effective FREE adware/spyware removal program that you’ve found?

softwareguru answers:

I have all these = this free a/v =

SpyCatcher Express – free spyware removal software =

Spybot-S&D = = = Be sure to use the immunize feature, and as with everything else, keep it updated.

And Ad-aware = +

ewido security suite = = = ” free 14-day test version.”


+ Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Follow the links)=

+ =

SpywareBlaster[/b]/SpywareGuard – Freeware =
and AnalogX Script Defender =

To make sure you are not getting a spoofed webpage, Right-click desktop/properties/display properties/appeareance/color scheme/olive green/apply/ok/ok

Michael asks…

spyware doctor starter edition question?

is spyware doctor enogh alone for prtection i hear it dose not have a lot of protection as the full version . and what are some other free anti-spyware programs you use

softwareguru answers:

No, the Spyware Doctor Starter is fantastic at doing what it does best, removing malware. It does not include a lot of the good scale protection that Spyware Doctor normally comes with. So it’s best not to leave that program running, only when you want to run a scan.

The good news is that they have PC Tools Threatfire which is the reverse of the Starter Edition of SD. It has all the protection of SD, just none of the removal.

Freeware – PC Tools Threatfire:

Another good program is Spyware Blaster. It’s great at blocking things from Internet Explorer and Firefox.

1) Freeware – Spyware Blaster:

After that as long as you have a good antivirus and firewall you’re set. Check out the link below for lists of the best freeware programs you can find:

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