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Posted by softwareguru on August 18, 2014

Jenny asks…

Name a good Anti-spyware(freeware)? Where I can get it?

Is there any freeware for recovery of deleted file?

softwareguru answers:


◙ The very best virus scanners are free. Mcafee & Norton Antivirus are mostly hype and won’t do as good as the free ones. — & Smart Computing Magazine

◙ Download and install AVG. Use it first and see if it finds any viruses or trojans.


◙ After running AVG go here and run this virus scanner online. There is no need to install it on your computer.


◙ Microsoft’s New Live Safety Center. Download this scanner to check and remove spyware, viruses, get rid of obsolete files and junk off your computer, and improve your PCs performance.


◙ The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks computers running Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 for infections by specific, prevalent malicious software—including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom—and helps remove any infection found. When the detection and removal process is complete, the tool displays a report describing the outcome, including which, if any, malicious software was detected and removed. You can run this tool online FREE.


◙ Best spyware remover is Ad Aware. Download and install the free version.


◙ Here is a wealth of information about fighting spyware and spyware producers. Join their free forum for answers to your questions. — Smart Computing Magazine


◙ Before downloading email attachments in Gmail and Yahoo Mail click on the link that says, “Scan With Norton Antivirus”.

◙ Before downloading any software from the internet type it into to see if that title is known for spyware or viruses. Google Groups has over 1 billion posts spanning 25 years to help you. Even after checking it there ALWAYS scan it before opening it. You just can’t be too careful. — Smart Computing Magazine

◙ A lot of the download sites like and scan software before releasing it to the public. But just for safety sake you should still scan it yourself.

◙ If you have a broadband modem or network router the firewall in these is not as effective as a software firewall. The firewall that comes with Windows XP isn’t very good either. Download ZoneAlarm and your system will be a lot safer. — Smart Computing Magazine


◙ Here is a really great article on browser hijacking. This will show you how to get rid of it. There is a tutorial and software to get rid of part of it. You’ll need to make some changes to your computer’s registry to get rid of the rest of it. Click on the chatroom link on their main page if you need help.


◙ Here is Yahoo!’s Internet Security section.


◙ Get more information at these PC Magazine Web sites.


◙ Top 100 Computer & Software Magazines.


Richard asks…

What is the best Anti-Spyware Program?

I need some help. I am not sure what is the best ant virus program out right now. Can anyone help?

softwareguru answers:

You’ll need both virus protection *and* spyware removal – the two are not the same. Some antivirus software can detect *some* spyware, but no anti-spyware software can do anything with viruses…

A good antivirus program is NOD32 – it’s not freeware, but it ranks among the best out there – with a small footprint (meaning that it doesn’t hog and slow down your system like Norton Antivirus does), great detection rate and good support.

If you don’t want to pay or can’t pay for software, get a copy of either Avira or Avast. Do NOT get Free AVG, as that version has been severely crippled to force people into paying for the full product – leaving many people infected without knowing it because they don’t get alerts from this crippleware.

Avast can scan your system at boot-time (meaning that it can remove stuff before it’s loaded by Windows), detects root-kits, and detects auto-downloaders on the web while you’re surfing – before they can actually start downloading (which is how most people get infected with crap like Antivirus2009)

Avast is free because they make their money off the corporate version – all they want you to do for the home version is register once a year.

I have no personal experience with Avira, but have heard a lot of good things about it, in actual professional reviews.

McAfee has issues co-operating with any other type of protective software (and is infamous for its false positives). ClamWin has no real-time protection. Panda Antivirus has a low detection rate…

For spyware/malware protection, start with Spybot Search & Destroy – it is still the best out there, and it’s free. MalwareBytes’ Anti-Malware is a great addition to it, which is *also* free.

I stopped using Ad-Aware since they became like AVG, and started crippling their software to make people buy the full version – I have not been able to run Ad-Aware without it crashing on any system for over a year.

SuperAntiSpyware (the software that has an awful “is this for real?” product name) isn’t bad, but has some options I find questionable (I mean… Restart the PC to delete cookies? Seriously… Not on Windows frickin’ XP!)

That should sort of help you on your way…

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