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Posted by softwareguru on August 8, 2014

Maria asks…

Where can I get a totally free virus search program?

I sent an e-mail to an Aunt of mine. It made her computer crash. I just need to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

softwareguru answers:

There are many different free Internet Security software programs out. AVG is very good, but there are others too. If you go to this website you can find all sorts of freeware and shareware software programs, and you can read reviews of them before deciding to use any of them:

Look to the right and you will see a series of sections each one addressing a different computer utility.

You can also run a couple of free scans from your browser here:

Look for the free virus scan at the left down, usually towards the top of the white area. There is also a great Spyare scan which scans for and removes the top twenty worst and most aggressive spyware infestations. Each month the list is updated as more Spyware come out which is worst than some of the last months entries.

I use both of these programs along with my Panda Internet Suite 2007. It is just good sense to use what tools are available in the fight against infestation. These days crooks are getting ever more skilled at invading and infecting home and office computers, and the goal these days is not to do a lot of damage but to harvest personal information in order to identity theft somebody and to access bank accounts ect. However, after they harvest the information and e-mail the malware to everyone in your address book, or other contact list, they usually, out of spite, cause the computer to malfunction or crash. Many of these viruses and trojans are also used to create “zombies” which are computers taken over remotely and used to send out huge amounts of spam. The victem often is unaware of the take over until their ISP cuts off their e-mail program and the victem then has to prove it was not s/he who did the spam mailing and that their compputer was a victem of Zombie take over. Sometimes even then the ISP refused to give back the account(s).

Good for you that you want to safeguard your system from these attacks. Please keep in mind you can only have one firewall and one Anti-Virus software program installed at one time. Also, if you install a Firewall and Anti-Virus program please be aware if you decide to remove it from your system you will need to contact the manufacturer and attain a Special Removal Tool.

These types of programs have to embedd deeply into an OS in order to carry out the function of protecting the system. Due to this deep embedding, the Add/Remove applet which is used in Windows to remove software programs is inadequent for the removal of these sorts of software programs. Also be aware that often manufacturer’s will have two versions of the tool and you need to strongly insist on the Full Removal Tool and not get the Partial Removal Tool. These manufacturer’s use these two different tools for two different removal situaitons. The Partial Removal Tool is for situations where a reason has come up for the removal of the program but the customer intends to re-installl the program. This tool does not fully remove all componants/files/ folders and Registry keys and settings, but rather just removes enough to enable the customer to do whatever maintanance is needed and then the re-install is easier to manage.

If you do not fully and completely remove these types of programs and then install a different manufacturer’s solution the one which is left behind will cause interference with the new program causing it to not be able to fully protect the system, and at worst will cause instability and even crash the OS. So, just make sure you get the neccasary tool to fully remove the program.

You can have multiple Spyware/Spamware and other Malware programs on your system at any one time, but only one Firewall and one Anti-Virus program.

Good luck and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Joseph asks…

what is a great combination of free security suites to install?

I want a great arsenal of free security suites to fully protrct my computer, without the decline in computer speed
I didnt say i wanted more than one antivirus or anything, I said security suites, i mean one firewall one anti spyware etc etc

softwareguru answers:

As requested :


♣ Avira
♣ Avast!

Avira has the best detection rate among all anti-virus program, its fast, doesn’t slow down your computer, great for scanning files / folders / drives, reliable removal, easy to use and configure… Generally, if you are downloading a lot / torrent / p2p / web Avira is the choice for you.

Downside : even tho updates are automatic, they are slow and sluggish. It is advised to keep on checking if it really updated itself or not. Also, a nag screen with each successful update ( you can turn it off tho ).

But if you aren’t as heavy downloader, then rather pick Avast!. Avast! Has really advanced protection on the net ( better protection when surfing ), it will find bad scripts in malicious websites and block connection with the site. Its detection rate is worse than Avira’s, if you ask me it has awfully complicated main panel and i think it generates a LOT of false positives, basically for each keygen and crack. Definitely a keeper who spent their days exploring the web tho 😀

Downside : lack of script blocker ( available in Pro version ) and automatic updates every 4 hours.

So :

Heavy downloaders : pick Avira
Heavy surfers : pick Avast!


Anti-spyware :

♣ SUPERAntiSpyware
♣ Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
♣ Spyware Terminator

SUPER and Malwarebytes are only scanners, free version has no real-time protection, but they are very effective when scanning and you can install them both, or all 3 of them, without any fear they will interfere each other.

Tutorial for SUPER :

Tutorial & review on Malwarebytes :

Spyware Terminator is special, because its one of the rare if not the only anti-sypware tool that also offers 100% real-time protection and its providing it free of charge. I definitely suggest you to install it and use it as your primary anti-spyware protector.

If you need removers, i can also mention HijackThis… Its able to recognize and remove malicious registry entries, pretty helpful for final cleaning.

Guide for it :

Once you make a log, post it to :


Firewall :

♣ ZoneAlarm Free
♣ Comodo Internet Security

ZoneAlarm is totally basic firewall, much better than Windows firewall tho, offers program control and its not complicated, excellent choice for a novice user or user who doesn’t want to deal with all the settings.

Comodo is more advanced, rated as one of the best firewall, offers some complex protection which you have to configure… Generally not advised for novice user, but great for everyone who wants to know more and be protected real good.

All those can be downloaded through :



Otherwise :

♣ Don’t visit porn / fraud / money scams / poker / serial key websites
♣ Install McAfee SiteAdvisor, it will warn you which sites are dangerous
♣ Always scan everything you download
♣ Don’t open ANY email you don’t know, it doesn’t need attachment to infect you

Hope it helped.


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