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Posted by softwareguru on August 2, 2014

Mandy asks…

Best Free Spyware removal?

I have something on my computer. Its super annoying. I will search google for something and then click on a link and it will take me to a totally different website. Its so annoying having to hit the back button and redo all the clicking. I’m afraid that my husband or someone will think the fake website is the real website and keep clicking.

I have spyware terminator and something like Malwarebyte Anti Malware. They are not getting what ever it is. I am also trying out Avira AntiVir Personal for virus protection. I would hate to have to spend money to get this annoying thing removed. Last time something like this happened.. it was on my old dell and the only spyware that would actually be able to get rid of it was Spyware Doctor. Of course thats not free. Help me please! Thanks!
I tried the rootkit thing and it found nothing. I also downloaded Superanitspyware and it found a bunch of stuff but I am still having the same issues =/ I’m gonna download spybot and try that out..

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Chris asks…

Whats the best spyware/malware removal tool?

That I can download and use for free?
Thanks a bunch 🙂

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