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Posted by softwareguru on July 31, 2014

Betty asks…

I downloaded a keygen and when I installed it, I think it gave me spyware. What do I do?

Even after getting spyware removal tools and registry fix tools it won’t go away. Internet runs but too slow and get weird mesages about fixing all the time.
It was something called vundo variant. But I used so many techniques to remove it. Checked Yahoo answers even but cant seem to remove it.

softwareguru answers:

Ok heres what i reccommend go download and update malwarebytes from here after installing and updating run full system scan when done with that you might have to reboot go download avg from here after downloading install it then run updates and full system scan now to keep your computer safe we are going to need to uninstall avg and get avast you can do this by start>control panel>add or remove programs remove avg now go download avast and update it after installation heres the link after doing that you should remove your older antivirus if you have one because this should keep you safe you should run malwarebytes full scan every 2 months
thanks for reading if you have any computer questions go to

Helen asks…

How do I remove the Cyber Security Malware from my Vista OS laptop?

Recently, my computer somehow became infested with Cyber Security, a known piece of malware. I’ve tried and looked all over for a cure, but all of the Spyware removal tools that I’ve tried out require you to activate it via a purchase. Are there any ways I can remove Cyber Security from my computer for free? I understand the danger of this, and I really want to remove it as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

softwareguru answers:

Microsoft How To Get Rid Of Malware Instructions removal Guide:

Microsoft Process Explorer

Task Manager Know How To Use It

When Malwarebytes will not Run or Install see here-

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