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Posted by softwareguru on September 27, 2014

Susan asks…

RealPlayer refuses to play unless I sign up for $50 RealPlayer Plus?

I have had this PC computer for about a year.
I never played a DVD, I put one in and was given a choice to open with either realPlayer or ?????.

I choose realPlayer. I don’t know why, I just woke up and hadn’t had my first cup of coffee. There was also a box ‘conveniently’ clicked for me “Always open this type of file with” Before I could ‘uncheck’ it, realPlayer opened. Now, when I try to open any DVD it automatically goes to realPlayer. That’s a bummer because…

realPlayer refuses to play the media. First I am given an option to buy an upgrade to realPlayer Plus 16 for $50, when I choose “no thanks” another widow opens that wants all my info to try realPlayer Plus 16 free (then they will charge?). closing this window brings me back to start, I try to play the DVD, I am prompted to buy realPlayer Plus 16, and on and on.

I am unable to do ANYTHING on that page but sign up. In other words realPlayer refuses to play my DVD unless I pay and sign up for an offer, like signing up to hulu or buying some junk I don’t need.

This is what I hate about Windows, I had a mac, you insert the DVD and it plays. Simple. With Windows I had to create a desktop shortcut just so I could open the dang hanger door for the CD/DVD drive. What is this world coming to when you buy a computer with a DVD drive only to find out you need to pay $50 every 6 months just to use the dang thing?

I have been unable to find any way to play my DVD on realPlayer without paying their upgrade extortion fee. If you know how to do this, please do tell.

I am wondering if anyone can help me locate the options window where I can choose the other option for playing DVDs, rather than using realPlayer. OS: Windows 7 Home Premium.
I right clicked on my CD Drive-Shortcut icon and chose ‘Open AutoPlay…’
The AutoPlay window is the one that I ran across before, I think.
I ticked “Always do this for DVD movies:”
and chose ‘using Windows Media Player’
It worked.

softwareguru answers:

Run windows media player if its the first time it should ask if you want it to be default player say yes and bamm its DVD time or put DVD in then open windows media player and select DVD , you should also be able to put DVD in go to my computer right click on DVD and select open/run with and then choose windows media player .

Daniel asks…

How do I turn a whole cd into one media file?

I have the Harry Potter Audio books on CDs but I don’t want to HAVE to click from hundreds or four minute segments to play them on my IPod. Is there any way I can compile a WHOLE CD into one media file so that it is easier to listen to and to move from folder to folder?

softwareguru answers:

If you have realplayer plus you can select record from line in..connect a portable cd player to line in of your computer..or your home stereo player..adjust for volume. Give file a name..something besides clip recorded from source..the default. Hit record. Play entire cd. When done hit have one big file in mp3 or wav or whatever format you selected when setting up realplayer. Then just transfer to your ipod using realplayer..or copy the file and add to itunes library.
Or buy spin it again…hook up cd player into line in..adjust volume..when its done recording and asks if you want it to detect tracks say no. Spin it Again is great for records, tapes, 78s, even cds . Clean up things..edit split merge. One big Mp3 it to itunes..import it.
If you have a sony minidisc recorder like I have..I just play it into the minidisc player..then connect minidisc player into computer and transfer file from it to sonicstage programme and from their I can burn cds, minidiscs or just copy file and convert to mp3 and move to iTunes.

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