Your Questions About Realplayer Plus

Posted by softwareguru on September 27, 2014

Mark asks…

I have Realplayer Plus 16 in my desktop running Windows Vista.?

Can I burn music cd’s from Youtube videos I download? How is this done? Thank you.

softwareguru answers:

Check with the support site…

Laura asks…

Realplayer shutting down when I click “Big Brother” tab.?

I have Windows Vista, I am a Superpass member, and I have Realplayer SP Plus. Not until recently, whenever I click on the “Big Brother” tab to watch the live feeds, an error prompt pops up that says “Realplayer has stopped working” and RealPlayer then shuts down. I have tried running as administrator, and that doesn’t work. What can I do to be able to watch Big Brother live feeds without RealPlayer shutting down?

softwareguru answers:

The easiest thing to try is to uninstall and reinstall the program since some of it’s files might have been corrupted.
Follow the steps mentioned in the bellow link to completely reinstall Realplayer:

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