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Posted by softwareguru on August 2, 2014

Linda asks…

Trying to uninstall Realplayer downloader?

Hi, I’m new here… my first question: I use Realplayer and it works great, but sometimes it stops downloading… it should show a little pop-up that displays Download your video here – or something to that effect – when I hover the mouse over the video. Usually it comes back if I reboot. But this time it doesn’t want to reappear. So I decided I was going to uninstall Realplayer, which I duly did (Change or remove programs) but when I try to reinstall Realplayer downloader now a dialogue box tells me it is already installed on my computer. Can anyone help please?

softwareguru answers:

Hi, there. Or you can use the following detailed information to remove the whole RealPlayer.
What’s more, take these steps: 1) save your personal settings; 2) save your playlist, downloaded files; 3) when you are going to reinstall it or other newer versions of RP, you can disable the install option for the video downloader from Real, then you manually install another top rated downloader.

James asks…

Is there any alternative to realplayer downloader?

I would like to download series episode from online series websites , but real player does not work for some reason

softwareguru answers:

OMG, there are thousands of alternatives. I used to use realplayer downloader on my mac and it killed the battery within a few months. Since then, I have been using Flashgot, an add-on for Firefox. Open Firefox > Menu> Tools> Add-ons> Get add-ons> See all (on the far top right)> Download Management (menu in Categories on the left)> then you have hundreds of choice. Once you choose and add, just restart your Firefox window and it will start working. Depending on the downloader you choose, their location and download system will be different. I chose Flashgot because it is much more easier to use.
I hope it helps!

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