Your Questions About Realplayer Downloader

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

James asks…

Does the Realplayer downloader use more internet?

if i were to stream a show and have the Realplayer Downloader download it as i watch will it use up double the amount of data? or does it just save what has been buffered?

softwareguru answers:

It uses additional data for downloads. Also take note the RealPlayer always downloads in high quality so it consumes even more data.

David asks…

RealPlayer Downloader extremely slow?

i recently downloaded real player and the first week it was good. yesterday when i tried to download a 20 min video it was extremely slow. the video was about 36 mb and it said it would take at first 87 hours, 15 min later it said it would take 2 hours and began to load for the whole time. any other videos i tried to download it always says unable to download whether i am on you tube, or any other website.
My Question is can it be fixed without paying money to get it updated. I am 17 with a brand new computer. my internet connection is perfect. Also are there any other convenient down loaders like real player that i could download if real player is shot?

softwareguru answers:

Realplayer is really slow, I’ve also experience that..if you want to download it in youtube.there are lot of tutorials out there on how to download videos

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