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Posted by softwareguru on August 19, 2014

Charles asks…

I don’t want to upgrade my RealPlayer Converter.?

I was trying to convert a video to WMV but when I press Start, it says I must convert to H.264 video. I DON’T WANT TO. I have been downloading and converting videos all evening successfully but now I can’t anymore. Whyyyyyyy?

softwareguru answers:

There are many kinds of such softwares if you google. And i prefer Need4 Video Converter to any other.It helps you converter moving videos between all popular formats, Enjoy the highest conversion speed on the market!
You can use it convert a .vob to iPod:
Hope you can like it!

Daniel asks…

realplayer converter not working?

i used realplayer to download tv episodes from youtube and tried converting them from a flv. format to mp4. for my ipod. it used to work great but now often when i download something and try to convert it it says error: file not found. but when i go into the realplayer downloads folder it is there and plays just fine! and if no error pops up and the conversion is in process, ill leave it to convert for hours and it is still at 0%. then when i go to task manager it says the program IS responding. what can i do to fix it? or maybe a FREE converter i could use.

softwareguru answers:

Well I haven’t used or liked “Real” products in years … Just full of problems if you ask me.

You could try one of the following free converters .. I have used all of them and they all are pretty good

I really like Any Video Converter ( ).. Simple interface and it has a ton of options…

Handbrake ( ) is a multi-platform option that I have used as much as Any Video Converter and its very good ..

– I saw this recommended alot, and while I am still playing around with video quality … It looks ok if you like this interface and it works well so far… A good alternative to the prior ones I recommended.

Freemake Video Converter – ( ) – This one may be one of the nicer one’s for new users (not saying the others are hard to use) but the GUI is nice and simple, while the program has a ton of options. The few tests I have done come out good and I would recommend this one.

Xmedia Recorde ( )


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