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Posted by softwareguru on July 21, 2014

Lisa asks…

How do I work this bloody RealPlayer Converter?

Ok, so I load my file onto it, click “Start” and it comes up with this box, saying:

“Convert to H.264 video
Already have RealPlayer Plus?

Download H.264 Plug-in

Or upgrade to RealPlayer SP Plus to convert to high quality RealPlayer H.264 video files and enjoy the best video experience available.

Learn more”

What’s this all about?
And its not converting at all when the box comes up! Nothing’s happening here!

softwareguru answers:

I thank that’s because the current version you have do not support H.264 video files output, so it reminded you to upgrade. I want to try this software, but the program can not be downloaded if i don’t pay for it.-gloomy!

Here i recommend another video converter-Aimersoft Video Converter, which support almost all SD&HD video formats input and output, try it and good luck!

Chris asks…

Realplayer converter problem?

I have never had a problem with realplayer before and have converted full videos in the past. But I went to convert a video today and it only converted half the video. Anyone know how to fix the problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

softwareguru answers:

You could vist your converter website and contact customer service about video converter problem. But i share my experience. I am using PCHand video converter, and it works good for me. It could help me to work out various video format files problem. So you could try it.

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