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Posted by softwareguru on August 13, 2014

Mandy asks…

Opinions of People using chromcast movie viewer?

Are you using the Google Chromcast?

What do you like and don’t like about it?

Do you need to buy any more equipment to make it work better?

Would this be a good Christmas gift?

Thanks for you opinions

softwareguru answers:

Google has added some much needed application support to the Chromecast, most notably Plex for iOS support. Other services added were Vevo, Songza, Red Bull TV, Post TV, Viki, RealPlayer Cloud, and apparently more.

The Chromecast came out recently and has proved to be very popular, at $35 dollars or less it’s the most affordable and elegantly delivered streaming media box experience I know of. While it’s not the most friendly device for people looking for effortless display mirroring, it’s perfect for catching up on YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. With Plex support now available users will be able to play content stored locally on your iOS device.

Earlier I mentioned the video mirroring isn’t on par with high price boxes like the Apple TV or Samsung’s AllShare Cast Wireless Hub . But at a fraction of the price you’re receiving the majority of the functionality of the Chromecast’s more experienced and expensive competition.

What set top streaming devices do you use? I use an Xbox 360 and a Chromecast for different televisions. Also I run Plex on my MacBook Air. Currently the only way for me to send local Mac videos to my Chromecast is by hitting Cmd-O within a new tab of Chrome to open a locally stored media file within the Chrome browsers built-in media player.

Mark asks…

Does anyone have great knowledge about Realplayer?

I have been having difficultly getting real player to work. I have unistalled and reinstalled multiple times and just did again now installing Real Player Cloud. I was able to get the download button to appear over the video I want, but then when downloading the video, once reaching 100%, said “fail to convert”. Does anyone know how I can get the real player downloading to work?

softwareguru answers:


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