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Posted by softwareguru on September 27, 2014

Chris asks…

Do you have to do the free trial in real player to actually start converting files?

I have downloaded real player and it keeps asking me if I want the plus version and I said no thanks. When I downloaded a video from Youtube, I tried to convert it to a mp4 file, every time and it keeps asking me if I want the plus version and I said no. then this pop up appears saying to do the free trial. Theres no way to bypass it and I want to know, do u have to do the free trial in order to start converting things? And, after the trial is done, do I have to start paying to use real player? I could really use some help in this because I want to know if real player is legit or not. Please give some pointers.

softwareguru answers:

Hey there download real player alternate its free from
or u can use Klite codec from ,after installation u can watch ur videos in windows media player itself no need to download other softwares.

Ohh n if u wanna download YouTube videos use copy n paste the url of the video u wanna download, u can download it in Mp3 format or mp4 video cheers!

Donald asks…

were can i download Real Player fo FREE?

softwareguru answers:

Dont listen to anyone they give you 3rd party websites else downlod it from its the official real player website and on the left hand side of the epage it should say download free real player beta download it happy watching

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