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Posted by softwareguru on September 28, 2014

Thomas asks…

Any good games/apps on Android?

^ Explains it

softwareguru answers:

My top android apps

Speakoit assistant- the original “siri” that apple stole
google music- googles music player lets you store 20000 songs in the cloud for free (vs apple 20$/month)
double twist- sync your itunes songs to your android
Drop box- move files wirelessly from your pc to your phone
Unified remote- use your android as remote for your computer- play movies, view your files, etc.
YouTube mate- download YouTube videos(sometinge gets rmoved from market, you can google it though)
IP webcam- use your phone/tablet as a webcam
Algeo- a scientific/graphing calculator similar to a TI 89
Dolphin Bowser HD- one of the best android internet browsers
Adao file manager- manage your phones files
tv. Com- watch tv programs using wifi
tune in radio- listen to the radio….
Where’s my droid- never lose your phone/tablet again, just send it your attention word and the volume maxes out and even receive its location on gps

free android games- this also depends on how good your phone is, some of the lower end phones cant use them (mine isnt that great)
lane splitter- traffic racing
death worm (demo)- play as a giant worm and terrorize people
angry birds- it think you know….
Dragon fly- like the iphones version of tiny wings
atilt labyrinth- guide a ball through a maze by titling your phone
winds of steel (demo)- flying shooting game
fruit slice
Alien invation
Office jerk
Where is the red
cubes- like cube runner
abduction- like doodle jump
cartoon wars

not free…but still great!
World of goo
cut the rope

good graphics games.
Asphalt 5/6
Jet car stunts
blood and glory
grand theft auto 3
dead space
Frontline commando (free!)
Real racing 2
..or go here on your phone (

Fun random apps
“google sky map”, know the position of stars using augmented reality
“google googles” search the web my using images
“shazam/hound sound” record a piece of a song and shazam will tell you the name, artist, etc. Of the song
“circle launcher”(widget)- store more apps if running out of room on home screen
“funny jokes” great jokes, by community… (secret community? Lol you’ll get it.)
“talking tom” funny little cat that changes your voice

Robert asks…

Ipad2 or Android tablet?

i am going to buy a tablet to write notes on it at school. Which one has the best and fastest keyboard?

softwareguru answers:

Typing notes: You’re going to want a real keyboard; typing via on-screen keyboards is only good for short notes or short messages. Get a tablet with Bluetooth that can be coupled with keyboard, or consider the ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101), which “transforms” into a laptop via a dock and keyboard.

Your school probably has great WiFi coverage, so you can probably save money by skipping cellular service. These tablets are WiFi-only or have WiFi-only versions: iPad 2, Eee Slate, Slate 500, TouchPad, Thrive, Eee Pad TF101, Iconia Tab A500, Archos 101, Archos 70, NOOK Color, and Kindle Fire.

IPad 2 Advantages:

IPads have a higher degree of fit-and-finish than the competition. Like iPhones vs other smart phones, iPods vs other MP3 players, or Macs vs PC’s, iPads are widely regarded as being more refined and polished than the competition. IPad also has a large and refined App Store (although Android Market is closing the gap).

IPad 2 Disadvantages:

1. No Flash.
2. No SD expansion; no HDMI port; no USB port.
3. ASUS Eee Transformer has a better display (10.1 inch, 1280×800, IPS vs 9.7 inch, 1024×768, IPS).
4. IPad’s camera resolution is a lousy 0.7 MP.
5. Expensive.

If you’d like an Android tablet with an even better display than the iPad 2, with a good array of ports (mini HDMI, SD, micro SD), with better cameras, at a lower price, and with a slick dock/keyboard option, choose the ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101).

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