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Posted by softwareguru on September 27, 2014

James asks…

Plz answer it if you are an Android/iphone fan.?

I have a confusion. . .this is about size of games and apps. Why the iOS games and apps are much much larger in size than android ones. iOS games are 50 mb-700 mb. While android games are just 1 mb – 25 mb. Today there are much powerful android machines like motorola xoom, htc evo 3d, samsung galaxy s2, google nexus(i don’t remember all). They have much more ram, dual core processors(quad core coming), better and powerful graphic cards but these machines still fail to compete with iphones when it comes to games/apps. These machines also lags even when we play small memory games like angry birds, n.o.v.a etc. But prices of good games is almost same in both android and iOS segment. I wonder even windows phone 7 will beat android in gaming segment. .so guyz plz tell me why android games are so small in size than those of iphone games. . . . . . . . . . . . .PLZ CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG BEC0Z I HAVN’T MUCH KN0WLEDGE ABOUT IT. . .and sorry for my english. .

softwareguru answers:

No, with android, you get the 5mb download but it downloads the other 500mb inside the app itself.

Also I have the galaxy s2 and it has better games than apple… Games only lag on a cheap android. I have a galaxy s2.

My top android apps

Speakoit assistant- the original “siri” that apple stole
google music- googles music player lets you store 20000 songs in the cloud for free (vs apple 20$/month)
double twist- sync your itunes songs to your android
Drop box- move files wirelessly from your pc to your phone
Unified remote- use your android as remote for your computer- play movies, view your files, etc.
YouTube mate- download YouTube videos(sometinge gets rmoved from market, you can google it though)
IP webcam- use your phone/tablet as a webcam
Algeo- a scientific/graphing calculator similar to a TI 89
Dolphin Bowser HD- one of the best android internet browsers
Adao file manager- manage your phones files
tv. Com- watch tv programs using wifi
tune in radio- listen to the radio….
Where’s my droid- never lose your phone/tablet again, just send it your attention word and the volume maxes out and even receive its location on gps

free android games- this also depends on how good your phone is, some of the lower end phones cant use them (mine isnt that great)
lane splitter- traffic racing
death worm (demo)- play as a giant worm and terrorize people
angry birds- it think you know….
Dragon fly- like the iphones version of tiny wings
atilt labyrinth- guide a ball through a maze by titling your phone
winds of steel (demo)- flying shooting game
fruit slice
Alien invation
Office jerk
Where is the red
cubes- like cube runner
abduction- like doodle jump
cartoon wars

not free…but still great!
World of goo
cut the rope

good graphics games.
Asphalt 5/6
Jet car stunts
blood and glory
grand theft auto 3
dead space
Frontline commando (free!)
Real racing 2
..or go here on your phone (

Fun random apps
“google sky map”, know the position of stars using augmented reality
“google googles” search the web my using images
“shazam/hound sound” record a piece of a song and shazam will tell you the name, artist, etc. Of the song
“circle launcher”(widget)- store more apps if running out of room on home screen
“funny jokes” great jokes, by community… (secret community? Lol you’ll get it.)
“talking tom” funny little cat that changes your voice

Laura asks…

android tablet questions?

i got one ebay and am still learning how to use it…

1- what is the optimum file type for watching movies? eg avi, however many fps etc.
2-i went to the android market on my computer and most apps on it i cant find from the devise (does this just mean they are only available for the phones?)
3-is there a way i can update the firmware for it/how?


softwareguru answers:

1-there is a few apps on the market that can play avis and wmv but the built in player is mp4 and 3GP.
2-Currently there is only one tablet that has the real android market on it and thats the galaxy tab. The market can not be included in with these no name tablets as it violates googles licensing agreements
3-depending on the make and model you might be able to root and flash a custom ROM. Go over to the forums on and see

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