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Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

Lisa asks…

about real player! is it really free?

hi guys, i want to uninstall real player…upon uninstalling would i be automatically unregistered to real player. i have downloaded a basic free version of real player, would I be included in their trial and would that means I get to pay? they have only asked for my email and country and zip code. please help me

softwareguru answers:

Real Player is available as a free basic media player or as a paid media player called Real Player Plus. I’m not aware of any trial for the paid player, but the possibility exists. Either way you should not be charged after the trial. The player would either stop functioning or revert to the basic functions after the trial.

The trial that you see is much more likely for the premium services offered by Real Networks or Rhapsody. You should not be charged for any services after the free trial, but you may be asked to subscribe to continue the premium services.

Donald asks…

Question about real player?

Okay, there are precious videos on youtube that I would like to download incase the accounts get terminated. I was suggested to use real player, but I’m afraid of viruses. What do you suggest?

softwareguru answers:

Real player ,IDM, and Avant browser all can download videos, You’d better download them from their official website, that must be safe.
But personally, I really don’t like real player.IDM is not free
So,I use Avant browser.It’s build-in video downloader if totally free and the browser itself is a great application. Although it’s not that famous. You can try it.Notice, there are three rendering engines in this browser:IE firefox and chrome, you can switch rendering engine easily.

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