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Posted by softwareguru on September 27, 2014

Susan asks…

I need help with Real One Player?

I have a program on my computer called Realone Player. It is the free version that came with my computer. I was using it to save CD tracks onto my computer, and I got a message. The message said that the program had encountered an error and needed to close. Now it won’t open at all. When I try to open it I will recieve a message saying that there is an error. This same message gives me the option of ‘Send Error Report’. I sent the report and was informed that ‘there is no solution at this time’. So, I went to the Real Player‘s customer support site. BUT, evidently the website does not offer help for the free version. It only offers a small trouble-shooting page–which did not help. It has been three days, and the program will still not open. I even tried restarting the computer and such. What do I do???

softwareguru answers:

Re-install Real Player. Download the player from Real. It may be a newer version than the one you have as well.

George asks…

i can’t install Real Player?

a friend sent me a recording and told me to install real player.I have Windows7 and it won’t install.
is there an alternative to Real Player that i can install?

softwareguru answers:

Download real player form this site
in Media Players tab

on this site everything is latest,Official,free of cost and non pirated and non cracked

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