Your Questions About Real Player

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Mark asks…

Real Player Downloads?

I have Real Player on my computer but I can’t seem to get the videos to work on my MP3 Player when I convert them. They won’t even show up on the device. Is there anyway to fix this?

softwareguru answers:

Real Player hasn’t been a large player in the software world since the 90’s. Consider learning a tool like ffmpeg.

As far as the mp3 player, I assume it requires videos with certain specifications. Find out what it needs and that should help you out.

Lizzie asks…

ipod wont connect to real player?

apple ipod wont connect to real player, doesnt show up in drop in drop down box

softwareguru answers:

Real Player isn’t compatible with with Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. These 3 Apple devices use the #Apple QuickTime’ product that is similiar to Real Player. QuickTime is pre-installed in the operating systems of the 3 devices.

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