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Posted by softwareguru on August 8, 2014

Mary asks…

How can i get rid off the conficker worm!?

I somehow got the confiker worm last night ive tried all the removal programs and i cant access the internet or my virus program please help!

softwareguru answers:

Well depending on what OS your using and I assume it’s Windows and if so try this if you are running Vista or 7 open the start menu and type the following “mrt” without the quotation marks it will find it and when it does click it or hit enter. It will run the Malicious Software Removal Tool a new version of this tool is released every month from Microsoft and if I remember right it has been able to remove the confiker worm for some time. If you wan’t to know about what all it can remove (it’s a long list) it can tell you when you run the tool.

Also if you are running Windows XP the easiest way to run the tool is to do the following, on your keyboard you will find a key with the Windows logo otherwise known as the Windows key or start button press and hold this key then press the letter R it will bring up the Run program, once it’s up type “mrt” again without the quotation marks. (You can also do this in Vista or 7). To me using the run box is the easiest way to run many programs that you don’t want to run down. And in windows 7 the start menu search is so much faster than in vista that I hardly ever run down any programs.

I hope this helps. One more thing if you are getting viruses frequently you might wan’t to Google Malwarebytes Anti-Malware it’s an excellent program for finding and destroying viruses worms rootkits you name it. Thanks again. Sorry for it being so long.

Nancy asks…

I’m unable to see any messages I recieve through SMS or IM in yahoo messenger v10. How to fix?

I’ve restarted my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled messenger, ran multiple virus checks and a disk defragmenter (as a just in case), but the problem persists.

softwareguru answers:

Check for malware
Malware check
1) Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
Hold down the “Windows key” ( Bottom row with flag ) and press R
Type in …..> MRT sfc /scannow OK > OK (if successful)

If it fails to register check this microsoft website

5) Check and delete non Microsoft entries in IE Security Zones
If you are unhappy about deleting items in the Registry make a Restore point at this stage.

Hold down Windows Key + R – type or paste in…. Regedit …. > OK
Expand the Main headers as you proceed by clicking the arrows or the boxed + to the left

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Internet Settings > Zones >

You’ll see a number of folders numbered:
0 = Computer or My Computer (Not shown in IE by default)
1 = Internet
2 = Local Intranet
3 = Trusted Sites
4 = Restricted Sites
If there is a rogue entry it will probably be attached to the 0 or 1 Security Zone – highlight and delete it > Ok
Close up the headers before leaving the Registry.

6) Check your support software is up to date

a) IE – IE is coded with Yahoo Messenger so it needs to be kept up to date and clean. It is unnecessary to make it default – it will work quite happily in the background.
b) Java
Check your version by using the link below the ‘Download’ button.

C) Flashplayer for IE (even if you have another browser set as default)
Launch IE and visit this site

7) Clear the Messenger Cache – use this page – find your OS and click the link

8) Uninstalling from the Control Panel is ineffective as too many files, fragments and Registry entries get left behind. You will have to use an uninstall tool that scans the C drive and Registry after the Yahoo uninstall software has finished
Download ‘Revo’ its a free uninstaller that will scan your C drive and Registry AFTER the yahoo uninstaller has finished, and offers everything up for deletion.
Use the ‘Download’ button at the bottom of the ‘Freeware’ column
When you upload the program it will open with a display of all the software installed on your computer
Make sure you have no other programs running during the uninstall -download and upload.
Save your Messenger Archives if required. Does not apply to version 11 the Archives are on the Yahoo Servers.
Double click on the Messenger icon and select the ‘Advanced’ option
Revo will make a Restore point and use the Yahoo uninstaller software initially. Ignore any prompts to restart your computer.
When the Yahoo Installer has finished it will do a scan of the Registry and C drive
Select everything it finds and delete everything. First Registry and then files.
Clean out your browsers
Download ‘ccleaner’ and use it daily. Run it through a couple of times,using the factory settings
and the ‘Analyze’ control to see the files offered up for cleaning. Use ‘Run Cleaner’ to delete
these files and then run ‘Analyze’ again to ensure all files are deleted
Run the ‘Registry’ from the left hand toolbar but ‘Save’ any changes after opting to ‘repair’ errors.
Never make changes to your Registry without saving the information.
Restart your computer and download Messenger from here

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