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Posted by softwareguru on July 26, 2014

Robert asks…

Are there any virus removal tools that detect at least 90% of all viruses, malware, etc?

I tried Windows Malicious Removal Tool, Symatec of whatever its called, and some other programs but most of them only remove SPECIFIC malware, meaning only like 100, i mean, come on ! there are millions of viruses around so……

Any recommendations ?

softwareguru answers:

Try a few of the free spy/malware programs out there… Check out my HubPages for a list.

Sharon asks…

What is the best anti-malware software available for commercial use?

I am going to start a small home business. What is the best anti-malware software that is able to be used commercially?

softwareguru answers:

First of all, Norton and mcafee are both WAY overrated, especially Norton, and are resource hogs. Try all these. Note: you have to purchase Avast! Professional as the Home Edition does not give you rights to use it commercially.

To get rid of most viruses, worms, adware, etc.
Step 1.
Download Avast! Home Edition as this is THE best free antivirus protection out there. (For you, you must download the professional edition.) It isn’t a resourse hog and it scans everything your computer writes and reads as well as internet sites and emails. I love it. As well they update it about every day!

It found several viruses after I deleted Norton 360 and has found several since.
Download here for professional:

Register here for professional:
Note: you have a 60 day free trial of avast! Professional before you must purchase a license key, which I recommend.

Step 2.
As well try downloading malwarebytes anti-malware, updating, and scanning.
MBAM redirects you here for download. (MBAM) Go here to download:

Step 3.
Proceed by downloading “SuperAntiSpyware Free” from the link below (As the title suggests, this is also free), follow any
instructions required to install it, update the virus definitions, then run a full scan, also clean any infections found
after the scan has completed.

Step 4.
You may also consider to be sure that all Malware has been removed from your system download “Kaspersky’s Virus Removal Tool” (Free) from the link
below and run a full scan, this will already be updated to the day you download and install it, after the scan clean any
infections found. Download here

Step 5.
Consider doing a scan of your computer with MBAM and superantispyware every 2-4 weeks with a maximum of a system scan every month. (I recommend 2-3 weeks.)

P.S. Make sure to unistall all other antivirus products before installing avast and never have more than one installed at a time.
Hope this helps and enjoy a better computer!

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