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Posted by softwareguru on July 20, 2014

Laura asks…

How do I fix my computer from malware?

Basically a fake antivirus program got on my grandmas computer, wont let her exit it or delete it off, is making bad icons like spam0001 and porn. Wont let her use the browser unless it redirects it to a porn site. Can I fix her computer without restarting it completly, and if I do have to how do I. Please be specific to make this easier thank you.

softwareguru answers:

Most infections can be cleaned yourself by following the following steps.

Download the following tools (Some malware will attempt to block your access to antimalware sites so you may have to download these from a different computer and copy them to a transferable media (flashdrive, cdr/dvdr, thumb drive…)

Malwarebytes –
Superantispyware –

Boot your computer into “Safe Mode” by pressing F8 as soon as the windows logo appears (You have to be quick).

Once you are in safe mode install MalWareBytes and run a full scan of your computer (Once again some malware attempts to prevent you from installing and using tools that remove the virus so If you are unable to install MalWareBytes Rename the file “MBAM.EXE” to something else. I typically name it “xxxxx.exe” )

After MalWareBytes has finished and cleaned what it found then install and run SuperAntiSpyWare.

There are some malware that cannot be removed from SafeMode if the machine is infected. This is often the case with rootkits as they compromise the kernel or core ‘critical’ system files. For those situations you will need to boot into a clean image to perform the virus removal. There are a few ways to do this I typically use a clean boot CD such as UBCD4WIN or Knoppix or the Avira AntiVir Rescue CD or the Kaspersky Rescue CD. Knoppix is Linux Based and has a lot of utilities and tools for fixing your computer from all sorts of problems. The other three options are Windows Based. UBCD4WIN has a lot of tools for system maintenance. The other two are specifically designed for virus removal using two very good anti-virus programs. All 4 are excellent choices and I carry all 4 with me as they each have their own strengths.


Jenny asks…

Why does a program pop up every time I start my computer even after I have uninstalled the program?

How do I remove the program forever?

softwareguru answers:


FOR DETAILED VIRUS MALWARE SPYWARE FOR FREE/removal instructions see-MALWARE EXORCISM at- primary web site-

MALWAREBYTES.ORG- Latest Version(Sept 10)
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