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Posted by softwareguru on June 30, 2014

Carol asks…

Mac or Dell?

I am starting college in a year and i have the money now to get a laptop. Also my high school is adding the 9th graders on in the 08′ 09 school year so we can now bring laptops cuz there wont be enough comps. I want to know if macs or dells are better. Also on a dell i know you can use windows. Can you use windows on a mac or what is avalible to use for writing papers, making powerpoints stuff like that. Also what are some prices for MACS and the DELL that can come in different colors(pink, green, blue etc)

softwareguru answers:

Listen hon, I honestly believe a Mac is better than a Windows based PC, *but*, and please understand that I mean no disrespect to you in the slightest, OK? Because, only three years ago I didn’t even know how to turn a computer On, but now I build my own, see? So, just being inexperienced isn’t any put down. *However* because you are so inexperienced, and it sounds like you are more familiar with Windows, I strongly suggest you go with a Windows based PC.

It doesn’t have to be a Dell either. It could be an HP, a Compaq, or a Toshiba. Now, Dell is a decent machine, but they are very expensive and only more expensive because of their *name* not because they are truly better than the other brands.

I actually suggest you seriously consider a Toshiba. Why? Because the Toshiba brand use to be not so hot, but has really improved the last couple of years. There machines are now on par with any Dell or HP, yet are less expensive for the same amount of PC because they have not yet fully recovered their good name. I promise you that Toshiba is really good, and you can get a lot more for your money.

Also, I encourage you to go with a Windows based PC because you do sound more experienced with Windows, and as you are starting college you really do *not* want to waste a lot of your time on learning a new OS, when you could be spending that time getting use to college life and class work.

If you go with a Windows based PC, don’t settle for anything less than a system with Vista Ultimate, and at least 3 gigabytes of RAM. You could go with a 64 bit OS, but there isn’t as much hardware that you can use with them as yet, though you can run any of the 32 bit applications such as Microsoft Office.

Now, don’t buy any Office suite until you are at school, and then use your status as a student to get the student price for Microsoft Office. It is much less expensive OK?

If you can’t afford Office, then go with Open Office, it is compatible with Microsoft Office so you can still do your work and turn it in. It will work well for you until you can afford the Microsoft Office. I do encourage you to buy Microsoft Office as soon as you can afford to because as a student and eventually in the workforce, you should really learn Microsoft Office as it is used nearly exclusively. Open Office is great for home uses, not for school or professional uses.


In addition, get the extended warranty. They are well worth the price as you can receive all types of assistance, just phone technical support. If anything goes wrong with your unit you can get help.

Make sure they give you the full OS disk too, not just a Restore disk. Manufacturers use to only provide a Restoration disk, but these are junk, and install all the junk that comes pre-installed on your system. These days though since Vista came out the manufacturers have begun giving the full OS disk again, so make sure you do not walk out without one in your hand. Well, you know what I mean!

Now, some security application “trial” will come pre-installed on your system. It is *very* important for you to either keep the subscription up to date, so your system is fully protected from malware, or if you want to get the Comodo free stuff, which is really good, you *must* fully and completely remove the stuff that came pre-installed before you install new security OK? This is very important for the care and safety of your new system. If you don’t fully and completely remove what comes pre-installed, you will begin to experience all types of issues, from minor stuff to begin, lack of proper protection, to full system crashes with data loss.

To fully remove Norton and McAfee (the usual trials) you will need to go to the website, and log onto the free Chat feature and demand the Special Removal Tool, and instructions on how to run the tool. If you are feeling uncomfortable with this tool ask a friend or family member you trust to run it for you OK?

Now, McAfee use to post this tool for easy finding at their website, in the support section but has since removed it. It is now more difficult to get it, so be firm in your demands. The technician in the Chat tool can provide you a link in the Chat window, which you click and download to your desktop, for XP, or your Downloads folder in Vista.

If you have Vista make sure you fully download the tool, do NOT run it from the Download window. You will need to right click and select Run as Administrator, and then follow the onscreen instructions and the instructions provided in the email.

Once you run the tool reboot twice, and then go ahead and download Comodo Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware applications. The Windows Vista Firewall is just fine to use, but if you want you can use the Comodo Firewall too, just make sure you disable the Vista Firewall before you run Comodo.


Using Comodo applications ensures compatibility as they are all made by the same vendor, and work well together. Compatibility is a huge issue with any OS, but especially Windows.

One last item, make sure you set your Automatic Updates to download and install all Critical Updates automatically for you. You can visit the Updates applet to look for additional updates and Vista Ultimate Extras on your own when you know your OS better. It is vitally important you keep your Windows OS patched as security breaches can and do occur with unpatched OSs. You need to patch Mac OSs too, but it isn’t as huge a deal because Mac still only has 5% market share and the bad guys go after Windows because more people run Windows. They go after the OSs which the most people use because that means they get more bang for their malware bucks.

This is the best I can do for you right now. Consider the Toshiba and get as much computer as you can for your money, buy the extended warranty, get the full OS disk, keep your security up to date, or fully remove and use Comodo free applications. Finally, keep your system patched with Windows Update.

David asks…

Microsoft Word ’03 on PC won’t open PC documents, only Mac! WHAT?

Normally I’m pretty good at figuring stuff like this out, but now I’m stumped. *blush*

I have a Windows XP laptop with Microsoft Office 2003. My problem is with Word. Probably 9 times out of 10, if I try to open a Word document sent from another person using a Windows version of Word, I can’t open it. (See error message below).

What’s BIZARRE is if someone using a Macintosh version of Word emails me a document — even old like Word ’98 — it opens with no trouble! This makes no sense. Why can’t I open documents on Windows PC that were created on a Windows PC?

Now the error message:

Word experienced an error trying to open the file. Try these suggestions:
* Check the file permissions for the document or drive
* Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space
* Open the file with the Text Recovery converter

(I’ve tried the Text Recovery converter, but it does NOTHING. I just get the same error messages again.)

WHAT is going on here? 🙁 Thanks for your help!

softwareguru answers:

Have you checked that the permissions really ok? – are the documents read-only? And do you save them in the same folder as you do the Mac Word docs you can view?

Does the file end in “.doc” when you download it from email? I had someone that used Stuffit-Expander on *Windows* and it compressed his Word docs automatically before sending them (and left no file extension) so that I had to use Stuffit on my end in order to view them.

Are you missing any updates?:

You could try repairing Word. I think it’s under Start > Program Files > Microsoft Office Tools or it’s in the “Add/Remove Programs” under the Control Panel. The entry for Office allows either removal or *repair* when you click on it.

Lastly, you could have a Word Macro virus or some other type of malware. Run virus and spyware scans.

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