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Posted by softwareguru on August 21, 2014

Betty asks…

Do Windows Virtual machines give viruses to Mac?

And I want to play MapleStory does it give Malware Spyware Keyloggers Trojans or Viruses?
The 2nd answer is the best answer nuff’ said

softwareguru answers:


Viruses are programmed for specific operating systems. Windows viruses will always be windows viruses and can’t effect the system. This actually holds true for almost any VM environment though, even if you were running it on Windows. This is because the VM environment is controlled and enclosed within that image.

People often test spyware removal tools and so forth on virtual machines because they can infect them without hurting the computer it’s hosted on.

Daniel asks…

How can I switch files from an old Windows XP to a Mac WITHOUT using USB?

My current computer is Windows XP that I have had for almost 4 years now
It’s old, and slow (despite the rigorous cleanings I’ve run it through)
I’m pretty sure that viruses and malware removal programs have deleted alot of important things. especially a certain system32 file it says it cannot find or run whenever I start windows up called csrss.exe, even though I found it under WINDOWS and the file folder that it’s looking in is hidden. It says it’s running under Processes. hmm..

I’m getting my father’s old Mac from work that they used at his television production company to edit film for Christmas.

normally, I would either use my 80g iPod video as an external hard drive to transfer files
or even buy a USB file transfer cable

but the USB port doesn’t seem to work as of today.
I normally access the internet through a wireless USB adapter, so I can’t even do it wirelessly or through the web. (I am using my sister’s laptop to go on yahoo right now)

Is there any other way I can transfer about 36GB of music, videos, images, and zipped folders over to a mac at home and without taking it to a repair shop?
My computer is way too slow to burn a CD or DVD
and 36GB is alot to put on a disk, or even multiple ones.
last time I tried burning a CD, the computer crashed. =/
Is there any other possible way?
perhaps using an Ethernet cord?

softwareguru answers:

As the other poster said – burn your stuff to DVD – if you have one.

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