Your Questions About Malware Removal Mac

Posted by softwareguru on August 15, 2014

Mark asks…

My computers running slow and I think it might have a virus, where can I get it repaired in Wellington, NZ?

Cheap computer repair needed in Wellington

softwareguru answers:

Do it yourself first. Download and run a free anti-virus like AVG or Avast. Also get a Malware removal program like Adaware or Spybot S&D and run it. If you computer is still slower than usual then it might be a larger problem. If reinstalling the operating system (Windows or Mac) is not an option then you would most likely have to take it to a tech guy. FYI they first things they are gunna do is what I just mentioned.

Lizzie asks…

HELP!!How can i get rid of the DNS Changer malware?

My pc runs windows vista

softwareguru answers:

To see if your computer is infected go to or . If you see a green background then you will be fine, if you see a red background your computer is infected.

To remove the virus try these tools – andread the page at

To change your DNS servers you can contact your ISP and ask for the addresses of their DNS servers or use the ones listed at

To change your DNS servers see or

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