Your Questions About Malware Removal 2012

Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

Sandy asks…

Malware changing internet pages?

So I got the AV Protection 2011 virus. Every site I visited about removing it first instructed “Download this.” So after dling several malware removal programs and following various other dl this, do this instructions the thing is finally gone. However it seems like it somehow got stuck in my IE and Firefox. Every time I open a popular page like google, imdb, facebook, etc. it goes to a page that says:

Your PC is Infected!
You can loose all your Secure data from bank details to
e-mail or social network password:

Please activate Cloud AV 2012 to
REMOVE Infection from your PC.

Thing is, there’s no program or anything like that on the computer. Nothing. Not even in my registry. So how do I fix this? It’s like the malware is gone except in my interwebs O_o

softwareguru answers:

Here, run a scan with this powerful malware cleaner and remove found objects :

If it fails to install try:

I hope you clean the malware!

James asks…

Help eliminate malware/virus

I started noticing that my browser is acting weird. My computer turned off repently so I started to get really worried since is the one I use for work.
I tryied to download an anti-virus or malware removal and doing some research on my browser I noticed that before directing to the url I was trying to open, my browser redirected to and then ended up in the right url… But when I tryied to go to a link from google it would redirect me to and then to a weird suspicious site… I’m really worried since my computer has turned off twice tonight without any sign… Do you guys know a solution on how to get rid of this virus and protect my information??? Please help!!!

I am trying to look for solutions (through my ipod becase my PC wouldn’t even open a reliable site anymore) and this is all I have found.. Although I don’t know how trustable this info is:

P.S. What’s the best Free Anti Virus you recommend?

softwareguru answers:


I just had this and the tool on this site completely fixed it.

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