Your Questions About Malware Removal 2012

Posted by softwareguru on August 29, 2014

Betty asks…

Are there any free programs to remove the system security 2012 virus?

softwareguru answers:

Follow these instructions carefully (note: although the name says “2011” the malware and the removal of it will be the same as the ‘2012’ version).

> Remove System Security 2011:

Another note:
The free versions of antiviruses use the same scanning engines as the paid versions (of each particular company), and they get the same updates.
The only difference between the free versions and paid versions are the bells and whistles that the above answerer mentions in every question that he replies to.

Edit @ Casca Longinus:
That removal that you linked to is either “Security Guard 2012”, or “Security Sphere 2012”.
And they are the same removal as System Security 2011, except that the System Security 2011 removal includes using TDSSKiller… Which can’t hurt to run if it isn’t necessary; but is pretty important if it *is* necessary 😉

Steven asks…

Windows Secure Kit 2012 (FAKE VIRUS)?

I know for sure this is a fake virus, because of many subtle errors, such as the flashing icons and the popup you can’t move. I know the window itself is still the internet browser because when I open the file path separately, it doesn’t redirect me. Also, the Local Disk [C:] doesn’t usually have a toolbar telling you the weather. I’m not sure if it left anything on my computer, and I don’t feel like wasting money to buy anti virus on a computer 5 years old. I have the link, access it through a proxy or a cached file, it made several appearances online in the past 24 hours, mostly from google links. Here’s the URL (access through proxy for safety):

softwareguru answers:

Not exactly the same, BUT same Malware Family @ Rogue.FakeVimes family.


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