Your Questions About Malware Removal 2012

Posted by softwareguru on August 5, 2014

Betty asks…

help me find a free Live Malware Removal tool?

help me find a Live Malware Removal tool that will boot form a USB pendrive

softwareguru answers:

You can get one from Microsoft, they call it Windows Defender Offline.

What is Windows Defender Offline?

Windows Defender Offline: frequently asked questions
Microsoft’s Free Security Tools – Windows Defender Offline
Tim Rains – Microsoft
19 Sep 2012 3:00 AM

Because Windows Defender Offline works from a clean environment, it’s a good idea if you can get access to another computer running Windows that you know is free from infection. You can use this “known-good” computer to download and install Windows Defender Offline onto removable media, such as a CD, DVD or USB flash drive.

Michael asks…

Malware Attack!?! Help!!!?

I was just browsing as a usual, but all of a sudden something came up!!!
It said, “Windows Secure Kit 2012 wants to make sure something is installed” and I pressed okay. Then , there was a virus bar going, and then it said install something. But I didn’t…
Help!?!??? DX
I quickly closed the window!!! DId a virus come in? OR were they just trying to scare me?
Like I said, I didn’t download ANYTHING!

softwareguru answers:

Here is a removal guide:

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