Your Questions About Malware Removal

Posted by softwareguru on August 1, 2014

Susan asks…

One or more Antispyware and Antivirus running in a PC?

Is it okey to install and running 2 or more spyware and malware removal programmes like Spyware terminater, Superantispyware, windows difender etc and more than one antivirus install in a pc? Please reply…

softwareguru answers:

No, it’s not a good ideea at all. Having two or more programs that are both anti-virus or anti-spyware will cause them to be inefficient. The protection will fail and scannig won’t work. So you should choose only one anti-virus and one anti-spyware.

Sandy asks…

Why does my computer sound pop and crackle when watching youtube videos?

This had not been hapening but i took my computer to a shop for malware removal and when i got back i started watching videos and it pops and crackles…. i got the lastest version of flash player and still nothing… please dont say take it back to the shop because i cant any help would be appreciated
i dont have my speakers turned up… it only does it with youtube.. i can watch myspace videos and nothing is wrong. :/

softwareguru answers:

Do you typically play loud music or movies on your speakers? I know the speakers on my old computer started to crackle after years of blasting metal and hip-hop songs on them. I doubt malware would have anything to do with them being damaged.

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