Your Questions About Malware Removal

Posted by softwareguru on July 25, 2014

Joseph asks…

If you disable a Trojan Horse BHO in IE7, would the threat of theTrojan horse be eliminated?

The trojan horse cryptsv.dll is still in system32 and cannot be deleted by several malware removal softwares, either in safe mode or normal mode.

softwareguru answers:

Here are manual removal instructions:

Donald asks…

Where can I find free malware removal tools?

I am looking for a free program that you can download that scans and removes malware, adware, trojans and that sort of thing.

softwareguru answers:

Avast 4.8
AVG8. But install and use only one anti virus
comodo firewall pro
malwarebytes anti-malware
ccleaner and mvregclean to clean your computer.

And do this to find and delete.

In safe mode F8 run malwarebytes anti-malware and SUPERAntispyware,and what they find you
delete it manually. Then run ccleaner to clean your pc, and mvregclean, to clean registry.
What mvregclean find you remove because the key is there but not the file ,folder or program.
Even you reformat and it finds anything remove dont be afraid.
Dont forget when you install this software to update them, and do an update every day
then restore until before you get infected.

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