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Posted by softwareguru on July 18, 2014

George asks…

How do I stop these viruses?

I started getting Trojan viruses recently that was causing all kinds of pop-ups for fake malware removal programs that I don’t actually own. I ran Malwarebytes which found 9 or so viruses that I quarantined and deleted. Things are running a lot smoother now but I am still having some problems. Malwarebyes is doing a good job but what can I do so that none will appear again? Thanks in advance.

softwareguru answers:

U can buy malwarebytes with a one time fee and get malwarebytes pro for life its worth it get at

Donna asks…

The antivirus malware, how do you remove it from your computer?

It’s hijacked all of my browser start ups, so I can’t load any of my virus/spy/malware removal programs.

Ideas on how to get it off, or if failing that, how to wipe my hard-drive? I’m getting a new computer in a couple of weeks… but that’s a couple of weeks.
answered, thanks!

softwareguru answers:

Its possibly a dns hijacker. Go to someone elses computer with a flash drive (u can get them cheap at any tech store (bestbuy, microcenter, maybe Target….)) and download malaware and the latest updates from and save it in the flash drive. For malware and dns hijackers
Then Spybot Search and Destroy:… for browser hijackers and bots

Then plug it into your computer and run the installs and update. You then scan your computer and ‘fix’ the problems
Spybot also has a ‘immunize’ setting for your browser and a ‘tea timer’ which can be annoying to some, but if a lot of stuff is installing on your comp on its own, then you should try it.

I’ve heard ‘Hijack This’ is good, but, I have no personal experience with it.

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