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Posted by softwareguru on April 29, 2014

Betty asks…

is norton antivirus good or bad? (for 2012)?

well i cant get rid of it off of my computer. and then i checked some websites to see which antivirus software/internet security software i want and read some amazon reviews. im on free AVG atm and never had any problems and even though that isnt the best out there i know it seems reliable and the pay version is cheap and has good reviews so i was thinking that. but yeah is norton any good some websites rank it highly but real people talk about how it does more harm and good to your computer. and yeah. i just want it gone… unless its different now…. also advice on antivirus/ internet security software would be good.

softwareguru answers:

In my opinion Norton is awful. It took me forever to rid my computer of it (to remove it i used windows add/remove program andante then deleted any remaining files myself) It did a terrible job with viruses. Right now I’m using AVG Internet security that Includes several features such as a firewall, anti-virus/rootkit/spyware/spam, linkscanner, identity protection(who knows what that does but i have it!) + a few others and so far its done its job. If you download a file that has a virus it instantly tells you and asks if you want to remove it. The only bad thing I can say about it, is when it starts a scan that it automatically does every few days. I’ll be playing a game then bam! It’ll start lagging real bad, so I just minimize and cancel it. But other than that I’m totally satisfied with it currently

Ruth asks…

Help with getting rid of malware? Please? I’m insanely scared?

Okay so a couple of days ago I was about to watch primeval on a pirate site (i know it’s bad, i’m sorry) and all of a sudden I get the Win 7 Antispyware 2012 popup window doing the fake scan. It closed all my browser windows but allowed me to open them once more. I was scared so I shut down the laptop then turned it back on. It now won’t let me open google chrome or internet explorer. I’m fearing for the safety of my computer. My McAfee needs to be renewed which is how i think the malware got through in the first place. My mom thinks that she can fix it by renewing my mcafee through her computer and it will take care of it itself. Is this true? Please help me. I dont want to lose any of my files or anything and I already set my time back and that didn’t help. I really don’t want my laptop to be ruined because my mom and dad spent a lot of money on it. 🙁

softwareguru answers:

McAfee will not take care of this infection, and renewing it won’t help..  Follow the instructions on this page:   It includes links to download the necessary programs.

Once it’s cleaned up, install a good hosts file to help block unwanted popups, parasites, adware and spyware.  You can read about, download and install an excellent one from   This hosts file blocks hundreds of known malicious URLs.  I’ve been using one from this website for several years now and rarely get popups and annoying ads.  Revisit the page every couple of months as it is updated from time to time with new sites.

Then, for antivirus, uninstall McAfee, as the free alternatives are just as good.  Go with MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), Avira or Avast;  or if you feel safer with a paid antivirus, you can’t do better than Kapersky.


Check out a simple comparison here:   or more comprehensive comparisons here: and

Also, never use an administrator account for day-to-day use.  Always use a Standard or Limited account.  This will limit the amount of damage these things can do, and prevent them from installing by themselves.

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