Your Questions About Anti Spyware Software Reviews

Posted by softwareguru on August 5, 2014

Mary asks…

Whats the best Anti-Spyware here

I thinking of getting CounterSpy or Stopzilla?
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softwareguru answers:

Many free anti-spyware software has some limitation ,so if you want to detect and uninstall a keylogger,i suggestion you buy a one ,it more convenience and better,it just one time paying and the price is not high,i have used SpyNoMore,it can found every kelogger that the common antivirus can’t found and uninstalled,i feel so good ,maybe you can try it

Donna asks…

whats a good anti spyware program under20$?

softwareguru answers:

There are top ten the best and newest anti-spywares.
–Top 5 Anti-Spyware Software Review– link:
All can be trusted and you can download one to protect ur system.

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