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Posted by softwareguru on August 13, 2014

Joseph asks…

How do I get rid of a hijacker that my Yahoo anti-spy detects and when I go to clear it it returns within 5min

I try to run my antispyware and it brings up a hijacker, I click to the remove button so it goes thru the process to delete it. But when I run the anti-spy again the same hijacker program remains there. So what can I do to permanently remove it?

softwareguru answers:

PCTools products do get good reviews. The good thing is they have free versions of their products. They work great. Spyware Doctor from the Google pack is a must. I highly recommend it. I bought Webroots Spysweeper and spyware doctor finds stuff spysweeper does not. Having both is a perfect combo and I recommend running two anti-spyware products.

PCTools Anti-Virus

PCTools Threatfire – Malware Protection
This free tool makes your current anti-virus better. Definite Download

PCTools Firewall Plus

The Google Pack includes a free starter edition of Spyware Doctor.



You can do an online scan for viruses and spyware for free from the major vendors. Some of these require Internet Explorer to run

because of Active-X

Computer Associates
Panda Software
Symantec Security Check
Mcafee Free Scan
Kaspersky Scanner
Microsoft Protection Scanner

James asks…

What is the best free anti-virus software or download?

I am looking for some free anti-virus and antispyware to download and there are many out there and being that i am computer illiterate which one would be the best “free” virus protection to download?

softwareguru answers:


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