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Posted by softwareguru on August 6, 2014

Mary asks…

What softwares are necessary for fully safeguarding the computer from internet?

other than anti virus, what other softwares should one install on the computer to safeguard it completely. i’ve heard about firewall, anti spyware, etc but don’t have much idea about them.
Which company softwares should one use, please provide links to download it. Can we download them for free.

softwareguru answers:

You would need a firewall which I would suggest Zonealarm Firewall download able for free from this website For anti-virus I would suggest AVG Free Edition available for free at this site and for anti-spyware I would suggest Lavasoft’s Ad Aware available for free from this site These three programs should provide you with all the protection you will need at no cost to you. Also none of these products are trial versions, they are free for life and updated often.

Lizzie asks…

What is a good FREE anti virus software?

What is a good anti virus software with no viruses, ads, adware, and all the annoyances that come with free things?

I need this because my computer has been infected, I believe, and that I want to help find and execute the virus.

Thank you for replying.

softwareguru answers:

Anti-viruses –
Both of these top two scanners have similar (Great) detection rates and are “neck and neck” as the best Free anti-virus if you ask me.

Avast – FREE – ( ) OR Avira – FREE – ( )

As far as Microsoft Security Essentials is concerned … Http:// and are two links from resources, I have trusted (Langa, for years) that prove MSE have issues with viruses and Malware infections, that some other

AVG from my experience with helping users, is even worse then MSE … If you have to use MSE or AVG (I’d advise neither one), MSE is the better option

Malware/Spyware related –
These are great programs to have, but do not confuse them with anti-viruses. AV’s CAN detect malware and these scanners COULD detect some viruses, but my advice would be to have both types of scanners on your system. ..

Both of these are free and have excellent records at removing malware/spyware infections… They really are the two best best options

MalwareBytes ( ) And Super AntiSpyware ( )

I have seen people with AV scanners like Norton think they are malware free and they (with computer issues) scan with MB and then they find they are loaded with malware.


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