Your Questions About Anti Spyware Software For Windows 7

Posted by softwareguru on July 29, 2014

Susan asks…

What Free Anti Virus should I get for full protection from bad guys?

Ok, I got a new laptop and don’t have the extra income to buy full anti virus software that only lasts a year. Been looking around and it looks like the free ones do just as good a job as store bought programs… if you have the right combination. My question is, what is a good combination? There is anti virus, internet security, malware protection, fire walls, spyware protection….. is there a free one out there that does it all? If not, what is a good combination for all the different types of threats? Thanks in advance.
Also, I have Windows 7. Is the firewall it comes with very good?

softwareguru answers:

Sorry, No such thing as a free AV that gives full protection. Free AV’s only give “basic” protection. If you want “Full” protection you will have to pay for it one way or the other. You can do it by mixing and matching, Like, Avast free edition and Mal ware Bytes Anti Mal ware paid edition. OR, Buy a full suite like Kaspersky and get it all in one. Kaspersky is a “download it and forget it” type AV. It needs very little input from you. It is the top dog of paid right now.

Never trust a free AV alone. If you do you’re asking to get infected. Avast free is pretty good. But it falls flat when it comes to protecting your computer from Mal ware. You will need Mal ware Bytes Paid edition to pick up where Avast falls flat. Plus, You can use the firewall that came with windows 7. It’s just as good as any other free firewall. Back all this up with Super anti spyware free addition and you should be OK.

Ken asks…

What is the best Free antivirus porgram?

I am currently running avast on my windows 7 PC and I
Want the best antivirus software there is for free plz use real information not just what you’ve used forever thx

softwareguru answers:

There is alot of mix-info out there now, but I would just bring up a few general points based on what I have seen.

1) Even I have a hard time picking my favorite between Avast and Avira … They are both Great choices

2) MS Security Essentials is a decent third place behind the two from ” 1) ” I list … Still not as good as those two, but respectable….

3) AVG from what ALOT of people say has TONS of false alarms and it sometimes misses the real viruses

4) though not an anti-virus, Malwarebytes is a good free program to add to your PC’s security.

My advice: unless you hate Avast suddenly, keep it … If you do not like Avast then try Avira, but Avast (which you have) and Avira are “tied” in my opinion, for the top free AV.

2) Avira – FREE – ( )

Malware/Spyware related –
These are great programs to have, but do not confuse them with anti-viruses. AV’s can detect malware and these scanners COULD detect viruses, but my advice would be to have both types of scanners on your system.

The only two scanners I’d use for this are both freewares, the rest are honestly not needed. Both of these are free and have excellent records at removing malware/spyware infections.

MalwareBytes ( )
Super AntiSpyware ( )


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