Your Questions About Anti Spyware Software For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on September 5, 2014

Jenny asks…

What is better Mac or PC?

( I am purchasing a new computer)

But which is better?
It would also be great if you could explain me why.

softwareguru answers:

This is a classic question I have answered many times and I believe that windows is better, let me explain why.

Mac has a great deal of innovation, it has a lot of software already on the OS that is good. It is harder to hack, and has less glitches most of the time. But it is more expensive, and is not compatible with many games and other software.

Windows is great because it can be just as good, you just need to find the right software. For instance if you get a good anti-virus software like spyware doctor to keep your computer safe, newer versions of windows such as windows 7 also have a good deal of innovation, and the hardware in them is made to be upgraded, so when it gets old you can upgrade the parts. And windows is much cheaper, you can get good hardware for less money, and hardware upgrades are easy and less expensive

I hope this helps in your decision

Donna asks…

Best Antivirus on mac?

i do everything on my mac and many of the things i do are very risky for viruses, i download things everyday. i want the best virus protection for my unibody macbook running snow leopard. I dont care how much it costs please give me your opinion.
These are some features i want
while i am on the computer if i download a virus, the software instantly tells me that i have it and delete it
anti virus trojan spyware or anything bad on my computer
thank you in advance
can you people stop saying you cant get viruses on mac because there are some, not many but some, i use torrents for some software so i please stop saying that

softwareguru answers:

Don’t see why you would need it, unless you foolishly install untrustworthy software or run a server.


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