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Posted by softwareguru on September 4, 2014

Richard asks…

Mac or PC?

I recently bought a PC, highly capable with Vista and everything. However, I would like to know your opinions on the new Macs.

softwareguru answers:

The new iMacs are right on par with Vista-equipped PCs, and have MUCH fewer driver compatibility problems, since Apple controls both hardware and software.

The latest OS version, Leopard, has dozens of brand new features, including extensive use of CoverFlow (like in iTunes, but with Web pages, text documents, images, literally everything), and Time Machine, the ultimate backup application– it allows you to take a look back at your ENTIRE system at any point in the past, and restore the entire system or just a few documents.

Viruses? Don’t happen. You won’t have to have a whole bunch of anti-virus and anti-spyware hogging up memory and CPU cycles. Over 99.9% of viruses and spyware were written specifically to exploit Windows, and don’t execute in Mac OS X. On top of that, Apple will not allow programs to self-install invisibly in the background without your explicit approval.

Macs come pre-installed with iLife, the award-winning digital lifestyle suite containing apps for creating, storing, and playing digital media, including iPhoto, GarageBand and the ubiquitous iTunes. (You thought iTunes rocks on Windows? It’s even more solid on a Mac.)

And one last thing. PC World said recently that the latest Macbook Pro was the best laptop for running Windows Vista they had ever reviewed. That’s right: with OS X Leopard, Macs can run Windows XP or Windows Vista natively– no emulator needed. So yes, you can play your FPS game and get your BOOM HEADSHOT on!

(P.S. For those who are going to mention the screen freezes that were happening on a small percentage of the new aluminum iMacs: Apple has just released a firmware fix for it. Argument nullified!)

Michael asks…

Good Anti-Spyware/Virus software for OS X?

I have CA on all my XP’s, but nothing on my OS X… anyone recommend anything?
CA isn’t supported with OS X.

softwareguru answers:

Symantec Corporation released a MAC OSX Antivirus, you can download it from

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