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Posted by softwareguru on September 3, 2014

Donald asks…

Anti-virus + anti-spyware for Macbook Pro?

my friend has had a macbook for several years and she says she doesn’t have any type of anti-virus software on her computer. when i asked her about it she said not to worry because generally that is not something mac users need to be too concerned with. still … i like to be safe when it comes to my macbook. so i have two questions.

1) am i right to be concerned, or is it really completely unnecessary?
2) if i am right to be concerned, then which software do you recommend?

my macbook has become slower recently (esp. when i open a new tab in safari – it’ll take a short while to load and open as opposed to opening immediately as it did in the first month after i bought it) and i can’t help but worry that it is something like spyware, etc. i have installed programs, but not that many and none that would be so large to slow it down.

softwareguru answers:

Don’t get any of the top of the line Anti-Trojan,Anti-Spyware, ect. They are junk. You MIGHT want to go with Kaspersky but I don’t use it. Get Spybot Search and Destory and Trojan Hunter. (They’re free and work just as good/better than the top of the line Anti-Virus.)

Spybot Search and Destroy –

Trojan Hunter –

Sandra asks…

PC vs. Mac?

I’m looking to purchase a new laptop in the near future. I am debating between a Dell Inspiron 1420 and the Apple Macbook. I plan on using it as my main system and also to take college courses over the internet. Which one is better? Which is best suited for use on the internet and is there much of a difference in that area? Any and all answers are welcomed and please don’t hesitate to tell me why. Thank you.

softwareguru answers:

I own and operate both an PC and a Mac. I use my Mac for most of my computing, and the PC for software not available for Mac and for gaming. I purchased my Mac within the last year, having been a lifelong PC user.

Why the switch? It’s a simple answer: OS X. The Mac OS is intuitive, efficient, stable, and secure. I was sick of viruses, trogans, worms, spyware, adware, and crashes. And I was tired of paying for annual anti-virus agreements (It’s like paying protection money to the mob.)

Personally, I’d go for the Macbook. With the Mac, you can install bootcamp and partition the drive so that it runs OS X AND Windows. With the Dell, you can only run Windows.

Edit: Whew, if you needed one single reason to buy a Mac, it would be the long-winded, defensive, “everybody has to be like me or else” response below mine. It’s just a computer for God’s sake. Get over it.

She’s probably never even tried to use OS X for fear she might actually like it (or is too lazy to learn a new OS.) I regularly use both, I like OS X better than Windows, and I can say with experience that my OS X system is a more stable platform. I will still use Windows, however, since it’s more widespread (but not on the same system via bootcamp due to the greater security risks of Windows that she pointed out – just my personal decision.)

I wonder if she has a personal vendetta against the Linux users as well . . .

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