Your Questions About Anti Spyware Software For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on August 28, 2014

Helen asks…

What anti virus software should I get for my mac?

I watch porn…but I don’t click on ads or download anything anyway I still want to be safe. What software should I get? (free)

softwareguru answers:

No antivirus. It gives a hell of trouble later. They will irritate you by telling that the whole world is virus and you live your whole life with sickness and fear. Who has time to update virus definitions five times a day? Only spywares programs you can use.

Robert asks…

Do you prefer Mac computers or Microsoft Windows?

And explain why

softwareguru answers:

Mac in the office.
Microsoft at home.

I love the mac..
No spyware..
It’s problem free.
No need for norton/macafee/kaspersky/avg anti anti software.
With a mac you just plug in your computer & you are ready to go.
It’s far superior to windows.

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