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Posted by softwareguru on July 18, 2014

Carol asks…

Free Anti-Virus software for mac?

Can I get free anti-virus software for my Mac?

softwareguru answers:

Ever since the Mac hit the market people, have been debating whether this machine actually even requires using Mac antivirus software. For the diehard Mac user, there has hardly been any need to make use of antivirus software because they have always been convinced that Mac OS was the securest in the world and so did not need to use any antivirus software.
However, with Macs increasing market share, Mac users soon realized that their systems were becoming susceptible to virus attacks and so installing good Mac antivirus software certainly became desirable. Even Apple themselves is encouraging users to go ahead and install proper antivirus software on their Mac systems.
Even so, it is not so easy to find good antivirus software for Mac systems because these are not readily available, though at the same time, what you get is sure to be really good and highly effective. What is even more heartening to know is that there are fewer viruses that will attack your Mac as compared to the Windows environment.
PC Tools iAntivirus for Mac is however a good example of antivirus software for the Mac and is available for free for home users. This software will protect your system against Mac related malware and is good for a Mac only environment but not quite so useful if you are using an environment in which both Mac and Windows is being used.
VirusBarrier is another good antivirus for your Mac system and in fact Intego VirusBarrier X6 offers protection in real time and will scan your computer looking for virus signature as well as for virus type behavior. Then it offers complete protection against malware that is Mac specific and even which is Windows based.
ClamXav is free antivirus software for your Mac computer and is open source that obviously is highly popular among those that love open source code. However, do not expect to get the same kind of protection from this software as you would get from those that are commercially produced.
McAfee VirusScan for Mac or Virex as it was once known is a virus scanner that can stand on its own and it will provide complete protection against different viruses. On the other hand, MacScan Antispyware for Macs is designed with the sole intention of protecting your Mac from spyware threats that are currently targeting Mac users. It does of course only manage to provide limited protection but it does have enough good features to make it useful anyway.

Nancy asks…

Anti-spyware for Mac users?

I know Mac users don’t need anti-virus and/or antispyware programs, but I am required under Rochester Institute of Technology to do so…

Therefore, I am asking you which is best antispyware software that is also free for a college student???

They recommended Spybot Search & Destroy, Lavasoft Ad-Aware, and Microsoft Defender…

any tips would be greatly appreciate =D

Oh, I already download anti-virus as I am required to download a certain program…

thanks in advance…


softwareguru answers:

Try Junk Stopper Light,
or securemac Macscan,~trialware,

anti virus,

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